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The Workspace

The Reactiv STAGE workspace consists of a presentation canvas, where you display all your content during a remote meeting, and the file/device dock at the bottom of the workspace. The file/media dock contains all your content: files, videos, cameras, and devices that you might use during your presentation. 

The background of the presentation workspace can be customized with your images and logo. 

The fly-out menu has a number of navigation menus that allow you to switch to Reactiv SCRIBBLE and also exit the workspace. 

Reactiv STAGE’s workspace toolbar allows you quick access to common controls.

Organize Content – When you have multiple documents on the screen, this button allows you to organize them side-by-side.

Take Screenshot – Take a screenshot of whatever is on the screen and saves it to the current directory.

Clear All – Removes all the content on the screen.

Sticky Note – Adds a sticky note to the presentation canvas, where you can type or draw.

Refresh Folder – Refreshes all the files in the folder, if you added something new or deleted a file it will update the view.

Open Folder – Opens the current folder location – useful for copying or renaming files easily. 

Screen Record (CTRL + R) – Opens the screen record menu so you can create professional recordings for sharing and distribution.

Video Help – Shows you all the video tutorials available for the app.