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Setup A/V devices for presentation

Do you have a need to present something more than just a static deck? Maybe you are an educator and need to bring the microscope into a video conference call. Or maybe you need to use a document camera to show detailed work, or you might need a specific camera that shows how you are playing an instrument, together with your face on a remote class.

Reactiv SUITE makes this a snap. You can bring in your presenter camera, together with any other A/V device into a meeting. To add an A/V device, just go to SETTINGS->Device Manager->A/V Inputs and add a new device.

This menu allows you to add and configure your device. Pick a source for the image, the resolution you want to show and give your device a name so it is easy for you to identify. Once the device is configured, it is always available for use in any Reactiv SUITE app. 

Almost any video device that connects to your PC via a USB cable can be used with Reactiv SUITE.