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Record & Share

Reactiv SUITE allows you to not only present, but record and create amazing videos for sharing over email, or social media. Do you have a great product demo? Or want to create interactive content about a new feature to stream on social? Reactiv PITCH is the ideal video content creator.

Select from a few different options. Email recordings will be lower in resolution and fps, focused on making the attachment as small as possible. This is ideal for short video recap messages that you want to attach to an email as part of a follow-up. Ideal for 30-60 second video messages.

Social media recordings will be higher in resolution and fps, focused on quality versus the file save. This is ideal for recording a great presentation to share on LinkedIn or YouTube to drive engagement.

You can also create a custom setting for broadcast or other use cases. The custom recording setting can be configured in the SETTINGS -> SYSTEM -> SCREEN RECORD menu.