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Pin Your Camera

A key concept behind engaging meetings is to elevate your presence in the remote meeting. Don’t be just a little postage stamp on the call but stand up and stand out. Reactiv STAGE allows you to dynamically control your camera image.

More than 90% of engagement in any meeting happens between people. When your audience can see you clearly, not only will they pay more attention but they will interact, engage and build trust with you. This is critical for long term benefits and positive outcomes from any meeting. At the end of the day, who wants to stare at a presentation slide for an hour?

Reactiv STAGE presentation mimics how we interact in real-life. When we meet face-to-face, we don’t hide behind our slide deck. The slide deck is a great visual aid, but we present. So, make your image prominent and stand beside your content and differentiate yourself in your next remote presentation.