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Remote meetings are the worst enemy to creativity

Being creative and visually expressive in remote meetings can be practically impossible. We are stuck with limited screen resolution and apps that were not designed with free-flow brainstorming in mind, and typing away in a document is not the best way to express ideas.

It is painful to show relationships between ideas, compare data, and capture feedback visually during these sessions.

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Pin your camera

Open your document



Inspire Creativity In Remote Meetings

Great creative remote meetings require you to be visually expressive with any type of data or information without the constraints of limited resolution.

Reactiv SCRIBBLE is the ‘Digital Wall’ where you can pin any type of file so you can write, illustrate, type and create layouts that are easily shared.

Dramatically Reduce Zoom Fatigue Today

Blur the lines between remote and face-to-face meetings and make your participants feel like they’re sitting around the table with you.

You can easily implement Reactiv SUITE in your workflow using existing conferencing software. Host a meeting using Reactiv SUITE on your laptop or interactive whiteboard and make your meetings more engaging and memorable.



  • Run Reactiv on your primary screen and have meeting participants on a secondary monitor

Explore Use Cases


infinite canvas


work with any file


Powerful Pagination


smart insert


Multi Stylus support


smart rip


Infinite Canvas

Documents, pictures, videos and a myriad of files can be placed on an infinite canvas and layered with natural writing. Document your ideas and vision without boundaries.


Work With Any File

Open, display and manipulate PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, all video and picture files.


Powerful Pagination

Paginate any section of content and export to PDF instantly.


Smart Insert

Insert space vertically or horizontally and move content for better layout.


Multi-Stylus Support

Multiple users can annotate and contribute simultaneously.


Smart Rip

Rip out pages from documents or scenes from videos and create a layout.

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