Reactiv announces Active Directory user authentication and Miracast integration

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, February 25, 2020 – Vizetto is pleased to announce Active Directory user authentication and Miracast integration within Reactiv SUITE!

Microsoft Active Directory integration allows your users to log into their corporate domain directly using Reactiv SUITE.  Now users can use their existing credentials, access their own files and folders from any room with an Interactive Whiteboard, work on content within a meeting and safely logout.  Your IT department will love this as they don’t have to make any changes to the network or organization.  Same folder structures, authentication policies, user rights and user behavior.  System users can also move from room to room and pick up a meeting from where they left off by logging in from any location in your corporation.

Many collaboration solutions require users to upload sensitive data onto external cloud-based servers, which could be located in jurisdictions outside your control and cannot guarantee compliance with your data policies.  Reactiv SUITE is unique.  It allows complete on-prem control of your data.  By integrating in Active Directory directly into the framework, it is possible to roll-out a corporate wide collaboration solution that will allow your teams to engage and be creative but also allow IT to maintain sensitive data without compromise.

With Miracast, users will be able to directly share their screens from a host of Android and Windows PC devices without the need for cables and without the need for an app.  Directly share your mobile or laptop in STAGE, rip pages and create a layout in SCRIBBLE or cast the phone to a projector and share with the entire audience!  The combination of Miracast and Airplay will now allow almost any device to dynamically share content in meetings.

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