Excel Markup Software

with Native Inking

Can’t find a way to markup Microsoft Excel files without
throwing those formulas and charts into disarray?

Reactiv’s Excel Markup Capabilities Let You Ink in Excel while Preserving the File

Providing feedback in Excel documents shouldn’t require tiptoeing over cells, writing paragraphs or manual screenshot, printing and photocopying work.

Reactiv will open Excel files while letting you natively ink in them without altering the underlying formulas, charts or graphs. You can freely explain your ideas while keeping the file in-tact.

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content.

Markup Word documents in native Word format without altering the original file.


Touch-friendly UI makes opening and marking-up files simple and straightforward.


Reactiv supports up to 10 different pen inputs, inviting the team to markup one or several Word documents.

No obligation. No credit card.

Reactiv Provides Comprehensive Excel File Viewing, Inking and Version Control in One Application

Native Inking

In Reactiv, you can view Microsoft Excel files while also having the ability to natively ink in those files. Inking Excel files in Reactiv will not affect the document’s cells, formulas or other elements.

Reactiv will also save new copies of the marked-up file (in Excel) with timestamps for version control without overwriting the original.

Teamwork Ready

Reactiv can identify up to 10 different touch points. It can also automatically differentiate between finger, pen and eraser inputs. You can use Reactiv to have multiple people markup the same Excel file at the same time and on the same device (e.g. a boardroom or meeting PC).

Touch Friendly User Environment

Not only does Reactiv free you from dealing with Excel’s very complex user controls when natively inking, but navigating through Reactiv as a whole is a breeze thanks to its touch-friendly icons and smartphone-like gestures.

No obligation. No credit card.

Trusted By

Vizetto and Reactiv SUITE are proud to be trusted by a variety of excellent companies, both globally and locally!

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