File and Document Annotation

Need a natural way to offer
feedback on digital files?

Document, multimedia & PDF annotation software

Mark-up any file with ease without the keyboard or hassle.

You know how it goes; you have thoughts on a PDF, Word, Docs or PNG file, but instead of showing them you have to explain them in big paragraphs.

Reactiv puts an end to printing documents and saves you from fiddling around with menus, right-clicking to add notes, and everything else you hate right now about annotating your files.

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content.

Annotate files in the boardroom or huddle room on a projector or interactive whiteboard.


Review and annotate content on your own personal laptop or tablet PC


Save your mark-up as a rich image in a new version of the original document


Share annotated versions with the team


10 team-members can annotate on the same device

No obligation. No credit card.

How Reactiv Cuts Document Annotation Time in Half:

Distraction Free Desktop

Hate it when you see emails, documents, chat windows and random web pages that have nothing to do with the meeting? Reactiv solves that by just showing the files needed for your meeting so you and your team can stay focused.

Annotate and Save your Files in their Native Format

The best PDF Annotation Software for on screen annotation

Reactiv software comes standard with apps for PDF annotation, as well as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in native format.

Using the ‘SaveInk’ feature you can save your annotations into the original document’s format without overwriting the original file.

Auto-Save New Versions of Edited File

Don’t worry about overwriting the original. Reactiv saves each new annotated version as a new copy with a date-stamp, indicating which one is the latest.

Image Annotation Tools to Write & Draw on Any Image

Reactiv Native Inking also extends to image files, including common formats such as JPEG and PNG as well as SVG vector image files. Like document annotation, the image annotation software let’s you save your annotations in the image’s format without overwriting the original file.

Capture & Annotate Video Still

Annotate on videos in Reactiv. Native Inking enables you to capture a still of AVI, WMV, MOV and MPEG videos for annotation. Once done, use the SaveInk feature to save the stills into new images to share with your team.

Website Annotation Tools for Any Web Content

Built-in website annotation tool let’s you write on any web content. Your teams can rip apart and analyze competitor content, or even your own campaigns in a flash. Save your annotations as still that you can share after the meeting.

No obligation. No credit card.

Quick Access to the Files you’re working on

No more fiddling with folders and tabs. Throw all your files into Reactive in USB Mode and quickly jump through them, compare, collapse, and reorder your windows with quick gestures that let you stay focused on the files you’re trying to annotate.

Connect your cloud drive to Reactiv for full access to all your files regardless of where your workspace takes you.

Smart Finger, Pen & Eraser Recognition

Reactiv auto-detects and differentiates between pen, finger and eraser, freeing you from worrying about manual switches or buttons. Just use your pen on screen as you would with pen on paper.

Teamwork Friendly

You can involve your entire team. Reactiv can support up to 10 users while also recognizing pen, finger and eraser inputs from each user. You can even annotate different files simultaneously from the same screen while also using SaveInk to save your changes in the file’s native format (without overwriting the original file).

Windows & Interactive Whiteboard Compatible

Transform your touchscreen Windows tablet, laptop or interactive whiteboard into an easy-to-use but powerful document annotation asset & interactive whiteboard software. Within moments, you can equip yourself, your team and your workforce to exchange feedback and share insights with unmatched swiftness and efficiency.

Live Annotation on a Second Screen

Project your annotations in real time on a second screen. Keep your audience focusing on the meeting.

No obligation. No credit card.

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