Annotate and Write on Files and Documents During Remote Presentatations

Are you disappointed by how difficult it is to write and markup a document during a remote call? Sometimes a simple act of drawing a line or highlighting a statement can save a thousand words!

The best document annotation software that makes remote presentations more engaging!

Works with all video conference platforms.

Write & Annotate on Documents, PDFs, Videos and Images With Ease

You know how it goes, in the middle of your conference call you wish you could just explain something by writing on a PDF, Word, PowerPoint document or an image, but instead of showing them you have to talk, talk and wave your arms.

Reactiv SUITE allows you to interact with your documents and multimedia files in your remote conference call. Write, ink, diagram and interact! 

Be visual, explain with clarity and help everyone focus as if you were writing on a piece of paper in-person.  

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content. In Real-Time.

Dynamic Ink 

Ink, highlight and markup any page and any document dynamically. Unlike other whiteboards, Reactiv SUITE’s ink sticks to the page and the document. You no longer have to worry about constantly deleting and managing the ink during a meeting. 

Capture Attention

Your audience loses interest and gets distracted within 30 seconds in a normal video conference. Ink, highlight and interact with your content and create visual stimulus that helps them focus and pay attention.

Save Time

Save the ink and creating meaningful notes. Save time and reduce translation errors as you don’t have to write detailed notes or emails. Email out the documents with the ink and trigger memories that reduce mistakes.

When you captivate, you change minds!
When you engage, you close!
Stand out and be remembered!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Reactiv SUITE helps you be more effective in remote meetings.

Annotate & Save Ink in Native File Formats

In Reactiv SUITE, you can draw, sketch, mark-up and annotate on any commonly used file format in that file’s native format. From PDF to Word and Excel documents and even PowerPoint decks can be easily annotated. 

Once you’re done the meeting, you can save the ink back into the original file (with a timestamp) as an editable object.

You can even simply email and share these copies to your clients, colleagues and others – reduces the time to take notes and improves on clarity when you review after the meeting.   

Use Any File, Image, Video, or Document

Using Reactiv SUITE, you can open – and markup – images, documents, videos and every type of image.

Be it design, engineering, architecture or just recreation, Reactiv SUITE is the ideal on-screen drawing software because it lets you provide visual feedback using just one app without the need to jump through many different applications and cluttered UI.

Ink & Annotate on Your Mobile Device

It is incredibly easy to present your mobile device using Reactiv SUITE’s Airplay, Miracast and Chromecast integration. You can connect your laptop, tablet or mobile device to the meeting as easily as you connect to a TV in your home.

Not only present your mobile device, but ink and annotate as well. Highlight and document changes, save screenshots and have an interactive conversation with your audience.


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