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Hermecury is a supplier for unified communication infrastruture devices and collaborative displays.

Their product line is focused on Unified Communication Devices, Collaborative Displays and accessories – which are used for seeing, hearing and collaborating locally or remotely. 

“WorkHub” Interactive Digital LED Screen

“WorkHub” is an interactive digital LED screen, widely applied in meeting rooms for wireless presentations, file sharing, reporting and brainstorming, to help increase work efficiency.


  • Wireless presentations
    • Mobile phones, tablets, laptops
    • Supports sharing via dongles, plug and play
    • Simple operation
  • File sharing
    • Large size, capable for broader audiences
    • Supports HDMI inputs, HD & secure
    • Supports sharing u-disk files, plug and play
  • Optimized for compatibility with Reactiv SUITE
  • Omni-directional wheels


About how Hemercury is paving a new way of working, learning and living

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