Image Markup Software

Can’t think of a way to markup images without printing or
opening them up in complicated illustration programs?

Reactiv’s Image Markup Software Equips You to Offer Visual Feedback in One App

It’s difficult to naturally offer feedback on images – i.e. by pointing, circling and visually explaining – because doing so is technically complicated.

Reactiv makes opening, marking-up and sharing images a one-step process without the need for convoluted folders, multiple apps and complicated user controls.

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content.


Draw, sketch and annotate on any image.


Access your files and navigate in Reactiv with smartphone-like touch gestures.

No obligation. No credit card.

Reactiv Makes Digital Image Markup as Easy and Natural as Marking up a Real World Photo

Image Markup Software with Native Inking

Reactiv allows you to open, read and markup images in their native format – i.e. there’s no need for image conversion or manual saving in order to offer visual feedback.

Once you’re done giving feedback, Reactiv will save the marked-up copy of your images in their original format, but with new timestamps to help you and your team with keeping track of changes.

Open Any Format in Reactiv’s Image Markup Software

In Reactiv, you can open – and markup – images in every commonly used format, including vector image formats.

Be it design, engineering, architecture or just recreation, Reactiv is the ideal image markup software because it lets you provide visual feedback inside just one app without the need for image conversion software and complicated user controls just to provide markup.

Intuitive User Interface

Reactiv is both powerful and simple.

Thanks to Reactiv’s robust ability to open many image, document and video files natively, there’s no need to bounce between several applications to work with images.

Just throw in the image files you need to work with into Reactiv’s folder, which will open as a touch-friendly drawer in Reactiv.

Reactiv is also simple to use. Forget user manuals, Reactiv works by using the touch gestures you’re already familiar with from using a smartphone.

No obligation. No credit card.

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