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Interactive Whiteboards are falling short of expectations

  • Does your IWB really increase productivity for your workforce?
  • Is your IWB delivering on the promise of improved collaboration between remote teams?
  • Is your IWB simply a secondary monitor in your boardroom?

The “Operating System” For Your IWB

Reactiv SUITE is the “operating system” that will not only turn your interactive whiteboard into a powerful communication and collaboration system – it will enable remote creativity in your teams. Blazing speed, rock-solid reliability, simple user interface, and an amazing super experience are cornerstones of this eco-system.

We understand that delivering the best software experience comes hand in hand with providing the best in class hardware. We have brought together world-class partners to deliver the ultimate solution.

  • Pen on paper writing experience
  • Enhanced GPU integration that dramatically reduces latency
  • Automatic passive stylus – finger – eraser recognition
  • Seamless integration of cameras, microphones, speakers, and various sensors
The rBoard Initiative

Utilization Is Key

IWB’s represents thousands of dollars in investment. If your teams are not constantly using them it is not worth the investment. Typically, companies tend to use IWBs as secondary monitors to project laptops or glorified screen sharing devices for simple conference calls.

We believe that IWBs can fundamentally transform workflow, simplify tedious tasks associated with meetings, and enable remote creativity within your teams. Today’s work frequently involves different types of content such as website layouts, Microsoft Office documents, PDF, or videos. Corporations realize they must implement technologies that keep their workforce productive, creative, and competitive in the digital age.

We can save 45% of your time before, during, and after meetings, while driving a deeper understanding, and fostering creativity and better decision making for your entire workforce.

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The Power Of The Reactiv Ecosystem

Enable remote creativity

Reactiv SUITE combines three modules (STAGE, SCRIBBLE, HUDDLE) to handle all your communication and collaboration needs. Bring your remote teams into one meeting where you can see, hear, and participate as if you were all at the same desk, with paper and pen in hand. Reactiv SUITE your communications hub that brings your remote workforce together.

Technology in the boardroom and classroom can be complex and time consuming to operate. It’s not uncommon to lose 10 or 15 minutes of valuable time trying to connect everyone into your meetings. Reactiv makes it effortless, with one system that simplifies every task to a click or two.

  • STAGE– Presentation module that will focus your audience, sell your ideas, and present your concepts.
  • SCRIBBLE-The evolution in brainstorming to create layouts, ideate, and capture your ideas.
  • HUDDLE The communications hub that enables remote creativity.
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Your Smartphone & Laptops as wireless keyboard


Every devices in the room can upload files to the Interactiv Whiteboard


Airplay, Miracast, Chromecast, built-in. Share any screen in the room with a click. No cable, no plugin.


Your session, your files, when and where you need them.


Simply use your mobile / laptop / tablet as a keyboard for the IWB.

  • Type your passwords discreetly, no more giant on-screen keyboards that are a security risk
  • Seamlessly copy and paste complex weblinks


Every laptop in the boardroom can wirelessly upload files and folders to the IWB. No plugins, no drivers, no downloads.  

  • Your colleagues can instantly share documents ad hoc
  • Your students can seamlessly send their presentations / homework to the IWB
  • No more hassle – USB keys, Dropbox links, or email attachments – to share
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The Communication Eco-System for your Laptop

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Airplay, Miracast, Chromecast, all built-in. Share any screen in the room with a click. No cable, no app, no plugin.

  • Your students can share their screen instantly
  • Your engineers and designers can show their work using their own software
  • Show any content, website or app directly from your device

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Your session, your files, your network directions, active directory, Office 365- access your data when and where you need it.

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