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Are your overpriced interactive whiteboards just
collecting dust?

You have an expensive interactive whiteboard that has all the potential to revolutionize your office, but it’s hampered by bad whiteboard software that forces you to spend more time struggling with its issues than using it.

You need a complete whiteboard software suite

Reactiv’s whiteboard software gives new life to your interactive whiteboard experience with a familiar smartphone-like user interface and tools to annotate any file format for faster and more engaging presentations.

Screen Share

Instantly display your presentation onto a larger screen.

Any File Format

Natively run any document, image or video file from within Reactiv.

Quick Start

Get started in seconds with a USB or folder mapped to the cloud or network-drive.

Idea Board

Instantly screenshot your brainstorming sessions and notes into Idea Boards.

Familiar gestures

A simple and familiar mobile phone-like touch user interface.

Explore Reactiv Electronic Whiteboard Software

Quick Launch Meetings with Easy File Access.

Get started in seconds by directly importing your files into your smart whiteboard using a USB or cloud drive like SharePoint and OneDrive.

No more fiddling around with laptops and cables.

Seamless Secondary Screen Usage

Keep your audience focused on the content while you

  • Control and switch multiple files and windows from a second screen, and
  • Quickly ‘throw’ new files to the projector for dynamic and impactful presentations that keep your audience on track.

Don’t let thousands of dollars in investments go to waste.

Try Reactiv software free for 30 days, and feel how powerful interactive whiteboards can be.

Reactiv can launch any file format. It doesn’t matter if you have a PowerPoint deck, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, a video or even an SVG vector image, Reactiv will let you manipulate them with ease.

Works with Your Files in Native Format

The “SaveInk” feature saves your annotations in the file’s original format (e.g. docx, pptx, etc) without overwriting the original file. If a document is going through multiple edits, Reactiv will add a date-stamp with each new file generated by your team.

Familiar Gesture Based User Interface

Reactiv doesn’t waste your time with

  • Miniscule Icons,
  • Hidden Drop Down Menus and
  • Complex Controls

Instead, the UI works like your smartphone by using familiar touch-gestures your team already knows and loves: click, pinch, zoom, swipe, throw and drag.

Share Notes & Annotated Feedback with Ease

Why waste time with printouts, scanning notes or taking fuzzy photos of your whiteboard?

Just use Reactiv’s Native Inking to directly annotate within your Word, PowerPoint or PDF file and then tap on the “SaveInk” icon.

“SaveInk” saves your annotations in the file’s native format without overwriting the original. Every annotated copy will have a date-stamp for finding the latest version of the document.

Put the Smart back into your Smart Whiteboard

Try Reactiv FREE for 30 Days

Screenshot Your Meeting Content into an Ideaboard

Reactiv makes it easy for you to save and share great ideas as they happen on the workspace. Just take a screenshot of when your team struck brilliance and keep going!

You’ll never need to stop the meeting so someone takes a picture with a smartphone.

Display & Compare Content Quickly on Screen

Reactiv will tile and organize all of your content – regardless of size, shape or format – with a simple click.

Even if you need to compare an image file with web content, Reactiv will quickly and effortlessly organize those different file formats for your analysis.

Involve Your Entire Team in the Workspace

Involve your entire team at your next brainstorming session. Reactiv supports as many as 10 simultaneous inputs.

It can also differentiate between multiple pens and fingers without a hitch, allowing each team member to do different things on your smart whiteboard all at the same time.

Dynamic Presentation Tool

Why get stuck on PowerPoint slides?

Reactiv lets you switch between documents, videos, images and even web content with simple flicks. Let your team experience your ideas instead of just reading them off your deck.

Built-In Collaboration Essentials

Collaboration tools like an on screen whiteboard-mode and graph-mode makes it easy to capture a quick note or scribble, and then flip back to the project.

How to Know When it’s Time to Transform Your Interactive Smart Whiteboards?

  • When your smart whiteboard doesn’t feel smart,
  • When it sits in the classroom or boardroom unused and collecting dust,
  • When it slows your meetings down instead of enriching them,

It’s time for Reactiv.

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