Best User Experience

Interactive whiteboards are falling short of expectations

  • Does your IWB really increase productivity for your workforce?
  • Is your IWB delivering on the promise of improved collaboration between remote teams?
  • Are you using the IWB as a simple secondary monitor for a laptop?

The Complete IWB solution

Whether your team is together physically on-premises or joining remotely, Reactiv SUITE IWB is the complete solution for group meetings. Leverage its use throughout the day in all public spaces such as boardrooms, huddle rooms and shared workspaces.

Reactiv SUITE offers a complete set of collaborative applications and services, in a single environment, that enhance many workflows required for effective team meetings and collaboration sessions. There is no need to cobble together a disparate set of third-party software applications that don’t work well together in order to fit your team’s remote needs.


Fast to Deploy And Easy To Configure

Reactiv SUITE is installed with a single click and deployed using your existing Windows 10 image, in accordance with your security, user and data access policies. No need to change anything as Reactiv SUITE is just another application.

Many aspects of the software are easily configurable within the Reactiv SUITE environment, including connectivity settings, security and file access controls (per user per folder basis) leveraging existing network and authentication architecture. Reactiv SUITE ensures full compliance with your corporate IT requirements right out of the box.

On-Premises Data Storage

Unlike many products, Reactiv SUITE allows you to host all of your data on premises. We do not transmit or copy any data, or host your data on our servers. In reality, Reactiv SUITE can even work without an Internet connection – ideal for the most secure environments!

Reactiv SUITE will work with your existing cloud-based data repositories, network servers, mapped drives or local drives. Reactiv SUITE honours existing authentication protocols, such as Active Directory and LDAP, to ensure automatic compliance with your IT policies.


Your Home Boardroom

Seamlessly Connect All Your Devices

Instantly share your own files or device screens on your IWB without ever leaving the Reactiv SUITE environment by utilizing Airplay, Miracast, Chromecast or direct HDMI connections.

Reactiv SUITE even offers the ability for in-room devices to wirelessly connect their keyboards and type directly on the IWB.

The Hub For Your Boardroom

Reactiv SUITE is the ideal hub for all your boardroom peripherals and devices. Control all of your A/V equipment from a single interface without the need for physical remotes or special apps.

Directly manage secondary displays or projectors, integrate wired HDMI connections and manage a host of third-party rBoard certified peripherals directly from the software.

Reduce the time spent starting meetings and minimize reliance on IT support by bringing all of the equipment into a simple, intuitive control panel inside Reactiv SUITE.


The Best Software Deserves The Best Hardware

The rBoard Alliance is a group of companies that share a common commitment to bringing the highest standards and user experience to the interactive whiteboard and remote work market. We have already done the hard work of curating the best hardware solutions and testing them for the ultimate user experience and seamless deployment.

  • A complete Interactive Whiteboard fully tested and optimized for Reactiv SUITE to guarantee the best performance.
  • A screen that delivers a natural, pen on paper writing experience.
  • A plug and play device that seamlessly integrates all the peripherals in your conference room required for a productive meeting.

The “Operating System” For Your IWB

Reactiv IWB Includes
ReactiveStage Logo Cap
  • Elevate your presentations and become a powerful storyteller.
  • Present any combination of content – like pictures, decks, documents, videos, websites.
  • Displayed, organize, manipulate and annotate on content.
  • Improve the speed and the accuracy of capturing audience feedback and meeting results.
  • Convert your passive audiences into active participants and contributors.
  • Content can be ‘pinned’ where pages can be ripped out, arranged and inked upon.
  • At the end of the meeting, organize and paginate your work and share effortlessly with everyone.
  • Simplifies complex ideas, visually communicates concepts and intent, and allows teams to capture decisions.
  • Allow your employees, partners and customers to simultaneously collaborate and participate as if they were sitting across – regardless of their location.
  • Not only share video and audio, but every participant can seamlessly interact – share files, ink and manipulate content.
  • Increase engagement as everyone can be a presenter – leveraging the capabilities and the benefits of Reactiv STAGE and Reactiv SCRIBBLE.

Reactiv LAUNCHER creates a seamless user experience for all Reactiv ecosystem applications. It curates the user experience, allows IT to configure the software and controls access to desktop and operating system.

Designed specifically for public space users such as boardrooms and workshare spaces where multiple users can login and access their individual workspaces.


Reactiv AUTHENTICATE is a set of integrated extensions that allow Reactiv applications to access data leveraging your existing user accounts.

This gives corporations complete flexibility to work with data on local drives, on-prem company network, or cloud.

Your data, your policies.


Reactiv CONNECT is a set of integrated extensions that allow in-room devices to link with Reactiv applications, in order to share data seamlessly.

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