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Powerful team and creative collaboration software

We’ve all been here before; it’s an important meeting, but you’re spending too much time opening and closing apps and finding “that” file or browser tab.

Reactive gives your team a quick launch workspace to pull in and collaborate on files, throw together ideaboards, and share meeting assets for faster and more focused meetings that keeps everyone on the same page.

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content.

Start in seconds with a USB or a cloud/network drive-mapped folder


Keep everyone focused by just showing the files they need to see


Quickly access the files you need with the touch-friendly launcher


Run all of your files from within Reactiv


Screenshot your pivotal ideas, diagrams and notes into Idea Boards

No obligation. No credit card.

How Reactiv Frees Meetings of Technical Hiccups

Distraction Free Desktop

Hate it when you see emails, documents, chat windows and random web pages that have nothing to do with the meeting? Reactiv solves that by just showing the files needed for your meeting so you and your team can stay focused.

Touch-Friendly File Launcher

Instead of hovering your mouse across dozens of file and browser tabs, let Reactiv launch your files in a touch-friendly file launcher. You’ll see every document, image, video and web page you need for that meeting, it just takes a second to bring it up with a flick of your finger!

Natively Runs Any File Format

It doesn’t matter if your meeting involves a PowerPoint deck, Excel spreadsheet and several SVG vector images. Reactiv can natively run any commonly used file format, freeing you and your team from scouring different apps and dozens of browser/file tabs.

Just copy-paste the documents, web pages and multimedia you need into the content folder:

Simple User Interface

Leverage Reactiv’s touch-friendly user-interface and smartphone-like gestures to open, move, manipulate and close any of your files with ease and no time spent.

Need to show a PNG? Tap it from Reactiv’s file launcher. Need to properly display multiple files on one screen? Tap the Grid Align icon and Reactiv will handle the rest.

Only One App Needed

It doesn’t matter if it’s a meeting presentation, brainstorming session or feedback, you can do everything you need for that meeting from within Reactiv. So stop those jarring app-to-app jumps and let you and your team focus on the goal of the meeting or teamwork session.

No obligation. No credit card.

Use Your Pen to Mark-Up Any File

Reactiv lets you draw and write within any file. The “SaveInk” feature saves those annotations in the native format of the file (e.g. docx, pptx, xlsx, etc) without overwriting the original file.

You can share that new file with your team for later viewing, thus saving you on valuable time (and lots of paper) involved in repeatedly printing and scanning.

Get Started in Seconds

You can launch every file you need for that project meeting using just a USB or wirelessly from a network or cloud drive (OneDrive, SharePoint) mapped to Reactiv. Get started in seconds instead of wasting time on fumbling an HDMI cable or configuring your laptop.

Save Brilliance for Ideaboards

Hate it when an amazing brainstorming session is reduced to a fuzzy phone photo?

Tap the Screenshot icon and Reactiv will record that moment on your interactive whiteboard in its true and inspiring form and generate an Ideaboard for your team for later viewing.

Involve Your Entire Team

By supporting up to 10 simultaneous on-screen users, Reactiv lets you involve your entire team when you need them most. Reactiv auto-detects and differentiates finger, pen and eraser inputs from different users, letting your team engage the smart whiteboard as if it were paper. But unlike paper, Reactiv enables the team to annotate different files at the same time and screen shot moments of brilliance as an Ideaboard.

Compatible With Your Hardware

Reactiv is compatible with any touchscreen Windows tablet, laptop, desktop or interactive whiteboard. It’s just a quick install so there’s no need for extra hardware or modifications.

No obligation. No credit card.

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