My Experiences with the Newline Flex

This past July, Vizetto announced a partnership with Newline. In case you are not aware, Newline is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative interactive panels. The company’s latest product is no exception as it pushes the innovation envelope. Flex is an all-in-one 27-inch touch screen monitor, that can serve as an interactive digital whiteboard designed for remote and hybrid work from anywhere.


The Flex was designed to simplify online collaboration, and acts as a hub for all your remote working tools, since it has everything, you need: Integrated 4K camera, Echo cancelling microphone, an Active Pen with Palm Rejection, 2.1ch Speakers, and 3 USB ports. It even has easy access buttons to control the microphone, volume, and camera. And no need to use a keyboard or mouse since it’s a touchscreen device. Finally, this impressive remote working tool lets you forget about dozens of cables cluttering your desk so you can enjoy all the functionality in one, simple-to-use gadget.


Reactiv SUITE is the perfect screen sharing software for any online or hybrid meeting and presentation. Paired together, they complement each other for the best online collaboration remote meeting experience in the new post COVID environment.


After spending some time using Reactiv SUITE app on Newline Flex, I wanted to share my feedback.



Touchscreen – Interactive Whiteboard


From the first second you use it, you will notice that the touchscreen is highly responsive; making it pleasant and easy to navigate Reactiv SUITE. Not to mention that the screen offers terrific picture quality and protects your eyes by implementing an embedded blue light filter. The best feature is that the monitor can tilt to a variety of angles! This allows the user to choose the perfect angle. Sharper angles are perfect for video conferencing and presentations using Reactiv STAGE and shallower angles for writing and diagraming during a brainstorming session using Reactiv SCRIBBLE.


Stylus – Pen on Paper Experience


As soon as I saw the Flex, my hands reached for the active pen. Matte design, grey colour, two buttons, simple and elegant. One of the best and natural handwriting experiences I have had with any product. I truly enjoyed the “pen on paper” feeling while brainstorming for an email campaign in Reactiv SCRIBBLE. With Newline Flex Reactiv solution, you can easily share your ideas, ink, markup, diagram, and sign documents to share them live without disrupting your online meetings. Not only is this a great virtual meeting platform but a high-end digital whiteboard that fits on your desk!




Another thing that stood out immediately for me is the camera. Personally, I always try to pick up devices with the best cameras, whether it’s my phone or laptop. I have dozens of remote meetings a week with partners, colleagues and family members and it’s crucially important for me to be clearly visible, so people feel like I am standing right in front of them.  People find blurry images distractive and lose interest quickly during a presentation.

Newline has a fantastic, 4K resolution camera; you can practically make movies with it not just use it for online meetings! However, it’s not just a marketing trick to make people buy the product, the quality of the image is quite good, you can distinguish even minor details.

In our Company we always remind our users that the presenter is as important as the presentation content, especially during online collaboration and team meetings. You shouldn’t hide behind the slides. Since Reactiv SUITE allows you to elevate your presence and control your image during your interactive video conference, the camera quality will help boost your confidence.




As I mentioned earlier, the Newline Flex has a couple of USB ports to connect additional hardware and peripherals. This was very useful when I decided to plug in another camera and capture myself from a different angle to better interact with the virtual audience. Sometimes, I need to use flash drive or just charge my phone, so it’s very convenient to have couple USB ports and not worry that I need to plug devices separately. Remember, in addition to cameras, Reactiv SUITE also allows you to wirelessly cast your mobile devices onto the workspace. This allows you to show content, during your presentation, from anywhere without extra hassles.


Microphone and Speakers


Moving to the audio system of Newline Flex, I really like their echo cancelling technology. Working in a hybrid office, and sharing the space with other colleagues, I often experience a lot of echoes and noise during virtual meetings. However, Newline took care of it and made sure to eliminate these distractions during online meetings. I noticed that the speakers provide clear and detailed sound. This setup is great when you are using multimedia content while presenting in web conference software like Reactiv SUITE.


Summarizing, I admit that I love the Newline Flex. The specs are awesome, along with the stylish design, and the product is perfectly suited for any type of hybrid work environment. Combining it with Reactiv SUITE, you will look professional and stand out from the crowd, making it easier to create memorable meetings and impress your audiences.

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