Drawing On Screen
Made Simple

Disappointed by your interactive display or touch screen-enabled
PC’s inability to support natural touch screen drawing
and painting?

You can get the right hardware for touch screen painting and drawing, but the software is clearly not optimized for use in a touch-first environment, which makes on screen drawing a hassle.


Reactiv’s Screen Drawing Software Makes Using Your Device as Simple as a Sketchpad

Reactiv lets you natively ink on any commonly used file format in a distraction-free, touch-optimized environment which makes for inspiring touch screen painting and drawing.


Draw, sketch and annotate on any file (including photos and videos).


Open any document, multimedia or web file from within Reactiv.


Reactiv can support up to 10 simultaneous pen inputs so you can invite others to draw with you!


Reactiv’s touch-friendly UI lets you switch between documents, web content, images and videos with smartphone-like gestures


With just a tap of an icon you can screenshot that inspirational moment into an Ideaboard.

Reactiv’s Touch Screen Drawing Software Lets You Draw, Sketch, Save and Share Your Creations with Ease.

Hassle-Free Installation

All you need is your existing Windows-based touchscreen device (e.g. interactive display, laptop, etc). Just install Reactiv – no drivers or new hardware necessary!

Native Screen Drawing Tools

In Reactiv, you can draw, sketch, mark-up and annotate on any commonly used file format in that file’s native format.

Once you’re done drawing, Reactiv will allow you to save new copies of your annotated files (without overwriting the originals) with timestamps for keeping track of your progress.

You can even digitally share these copies to your clients, colleagues and others – no need for expensive and time-consuming printing or copying!

Open Any File in Reactiv

Reacti can natively open and interact with any commonly used file format, including Acrobat PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, MS Office and even videos.

You can do all of your on screen drawing work from within Reactiv, i.e. no need to open and switch between different applications.

Like a workbook, just throw in the files you need to work on in Reactiv’s presentation folder and get drawing!

Touch Friendly User Experience

Reactiv doesn’t burden you with reading work or lengthly video tutorials.

Navigating through Reactiv is as simple as just using the taps and other touch gestures you’re already familiar with from using your smartphone.

Opening files doesn’t involve searching through folders or trying to tap tiny icons. You just throw in the files you need into Reactiv’s folder and these will be available to you in a touch-friendly file drawer in Reactiv.

Save Inspiring Moments

Don’t let those moments of inspiration slip! With just a tap of an icon you can screenshot your entire screen into an Idea Board for later viewing and sharing!

More Than One Touch Screen Paint Brush

Reactiv can support up to 10 simultaneous pen inputs. Feel free to invite others to draw with you on the same hardware, even on different files (at the same time!).

Install Reactiv to Make Your Device a Powerful, Yet Simple Touch Screen Paint, Draw and Sketch Tool.

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