Drawing On-Screen During Remote Calls Made Simple

Are you disappointed by how difficult it is to be visual in a remote call? Sometimes a simple act of drawing a line or highlighting a statement can save a thousand words!

Reactiv SUITE’s Screen Drawing Software Makes Using Your Device as Simple as a Sketchpad

You can get the right hardware for your remote meetings, but if your tools are not optimized and on screen drawing is a hassle – it limits your ability to express yourself.

Reactiv SUITE lets you natively ink on any commonly used file format in a distraction-free, touch-optimized environment which makes for inspiring touch screen painting and drawing.

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The best presenter mode & whiteboard for any platform

Inking in meetings has never been easier!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Reactiv SUITE makes your laptop as simple as a virtual Sketchpad – ideal for remote meetings.

Native Screen Drawing Tools

In Reactiv SUITE, you can draw, sketch, mark-up and annotate on any commonly used file format in that file’s native format.

Once you’re done drawing, Reactiv SUITE will allow you to save new copies of your annotated files (without overwriting the originals) with timestamps for keeping track of your progress.

You can even digitally share these copies to your clients, colleagues and others – no need for expensive and time-consuming printing or copying!

Open and View Any File Format in Reactiv SUITE

Reactiv SUITE will run any commonly used file format, including MS Office files, Acrobat PDF, web content and various image and video files.

There’s no need to keep other applications open or to switch in and out of different apps just to do a single task. Reactiv SUITE can be your consolidated workspace to run (and ink) and all of the files you need.


When you captivate, you change minds!

Why rely only on PowerPoint or other tools with uninspired, bulleted lists of linear slides when you can be engaging and dynamic with your presentations?

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