Write on Screen Software
Naturally and Effectively Write on Your Screen

Is your interactive whiteboard or touch-enabled PC’s software
making it a pain to write on the computer screen?

Be it poor touch screen optimization or a difficult user interface (UI), naturally writing on your interactive whiteboard or touch-enabled PC has become an unnecessary struggle.


Reactiv Software Cuts the Complex UI and Makes Writing on Screen a Natural Experience

Reactiv is powerful enough to run every document file format (including Word and PDF), enabling you to naturally write on a computer screen as though it’s paper without struggling with multiple apps and complex UI controls.


Write, draw or mark-up any file (including photos and videos).


Run any document, multimedia or web file from within Reactiv.


Familiar, smartphone-like touch user interface with intuitive touch, tap and pinch-to-zoom gestures


Access the files you need with a simple tap, don’t worry about menus or tiny icons.


Reactiv supports up to 10 different pen inputs. Let the team write on screen at the same time!

Reactiv Lets You Write on a Computer Screen with a Pen in Word, PDF and other Formats in Just One App

Compatible With Your Existing Hardware

You can quickly install Reactiv on any touch screen-equipped Windows tablet, laptop or large PC. No additional drivers or hardware necessary!

Native Inking

Reactiv lets you write, draw and mark-up any commonly-used file – be it Microsoft Office files, Acrobat PDF or even multimedia files – from within Reactiv. There’s no need to open and switch between different apps.

Reactiv also lets you save new copies of your annotated files (i.e. it will not overwrite the originals) with timestamps to indicate the latest version – i.e. make document control a seamless process.

You can share these annotated versions digitally very easily, letting you skip the time and money spent on photocopying.

Run Any File Format in Reactiv

Reactiv will run any commonly used file format, including MS Office files, Acrobat PDF, web content and various image and video files.

There’s no need to keep other applications open or to switch in and out of different apps just to do a single task. Reactiv can be your consolidated workspace to run (and ink) and all of the files you need.

Reactiv is a Simplified Way to Write on a Computer Screen

A Familiar User Experience

You don’t need thick user manuals, long tutorial videos or guesswork to use Reactiv. We’ve designed Reactiv to rely on the touch screen gestures you’re already familiar with from using your smartphone.

Be it switching between a Word document and PDF file or web pages, all you need are swipes and taps. Need to magnify a section of a document? Just pinch-to-zoom. It’s really that simple!

Distraction-Free Workspace

Because Reactiv can run most common document formats, web pages and multimedia files independently, there’s no need to open other apps.

In fact, you can use Reactiv as a focused workspace with only the specific files you need to work on, i.e. no distractions!

Involve Others

Reactiv auto-differentiate as many as 10 different touch inputs, including finger, pen and eraser. You can have an entire team annotate on the same hardware simultaneously, even on different files!

Use Reactiv to Transform Your Tablet, Laptop or Large PC into a Digital Writing Powerhouse

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