On-Screen Writing Software for Remote Presentations

Naturally and Effectively Write on Your Screen

Do you wish you could easily write, and help your team visualize a new idea, during a remote meeting?

The best on-screen writing software that makes remote presentations more engaging!

Works with all video conference platforms.

Reactiv SUITE Makes Writing on Screen a Natural Experience During Remote Meetings

A picture is worth a thousand words! Most meetings we show a deck and just talk… maybe we wave our arms sometimes but it can be hard to debate and idea or point to an important concept. 

Reactiv SUITE allows you to not only present any time of file or document, (including Word and PDF, videos, images), but write on them as though it’s paper. Create a clean and engaging meeting experience that your audience will remember.

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content. In Real-Time.

Dynamic Ink 

Ink, highlight and markup any page and any document dynamically. Unlike other whiteboards, Reactiv SUITE’s ink sticks to the page and the document. You no longer have to worry about constantly deleting and managing the ink during a meeting. 

Capture Attention

Your audience loses interest and gets distracted within 30 seconds in a normal video conference. Ink, highlight and interact with your content and create visual stimulus that helps them focus and pay attention.

Save Time

Save the ink and creating meaningful notes. Save time and reduce translation errors as you don’t have to write detailed notes or emails. Email out the documents with the ink and trigger memories that reduce mistakes.

When you captivate, you change minds!
When you engage, you close!
Stand out and be remembered!

Write on a Word, PDF, Image and Documents Like Paper

Write on Any Type of File

In Reactiv SUITE, you can natively open any commonly used file format and write, annotate and mark it up in real-time during your video conference call. Visually engage your audience!

Reactiv SUITE allows you to save new copies of your annotated files (without overwriting the originals) with timestamps for keeping track of your progress.

You can easily share these copies digitally with your clients, colleagues and others – reduce time and mistakes related to note taking and create longer term memories for your audience. 

Write, Screen Record & Save

Great remote meetings require you to be visually expressive with any type of data or information without the constraints of limited resolution. 

Using Reactiv SUITE, you can natively open any commonly used document format and write on it.

Reactiv SUITE allows you to screen record your meetings, save and share.

Infinite Whiteboard to Write

Reactiv SCRIBBLE, included with Reactiv SUITE, gives the presenter an infinite whiteboard that can be used to write, ideate, brainstorm, and visualize any idea without the fear of running out of space.

Drawing and visualizing concepts on-screen, during real-time video conference meetings has never been easier.


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