Optika Joins The rBoard Alliance

Optika Display Joins The rBoard Alliance

Optika Display launches the world’s first rBoard+, the most advanced Interactive Whiteboard, designed for Reactiv SUITE IWB


Toronto—July 16, 2020 – Vizetto Inc.the company that is changing the way the world communicates, today announced that Optika Display has joined the rBoard alliance, a group of companies that share a common commitment to bringing the highest standards and user experience to the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) and remote work market. Optika Display is bringing the most advanced Interactive Whiteboard in the world to the rBoard+ solution — Optika Display Collaborate Plus, a fully immersive, highly precise, ultra HD interactive touchscreen display that seamlessly integrates with Reactiv SUITE.  Collaborate Plus is the first purpose-built product specifically designed for Reactiv SUITE IWB, and the first to obtain the rBoard+ certification.

The rBoard+ certification is reserved for state-of-the-art hardware technologies that are seamlessly integrated with Reactiv SUITE IWB to create a solution that stands apart from anything else on the market. This unique marriage of software and hardware sets a new standard for what people should expect when they enter a boardroom, whether they are collaborating as a group or presenting at the highest level.

“Optika Display makes best-in-class digital displays that provide customers a user experience unlike any other,” said Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto Inc. “For more than two years Optika Display engineers worked to curate the best hardware technology, integrate APIs natively and create the ultimate meeting room and board room collaboration hub. The combination of Reactiv SUITE IWB with Optika Display’s Collaborate Plus gives our customers a differentiated user experience that is unmatched on any other IWB, ultimately driving  greater engagement, utilization and ROI.”

“We are proud to join the rBoard alliance, a group that shares Optika Display’s commitment to delivering  collaborative experiences that stand out in the market,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of the STRATACACHE family of companies. “The Vizetto team created a solution that is, genuinely, very cool technology, and we have great faith in their vision of a user experience. This ties in perfectly to our long-term relationship with Baanto, another rBoard alliance member, for delivering the world’s best precision touch performance. We’re looking forward to the opportunities that this new partnership will open up.”

Enterprises and professionals require the best tools for shared digital ideation, especially during times like today. The rBoard+ solution solves many of the problems that slow down meetings, create IT and support issues, hamper productivity and drive down utilization. Here are some of the unique features:

– Remote Keyboard – In-room users can send keyboard inputs wirelessly from their mobile devices and personal laptops to type directly on the IWB. This eliminates the large on-screen keyboards that are inappropriate for typing passwords, and allows users to quickly copy and paste long sentences or URLs instead of slowly typing them out in front of their audience.

– Motion Detector – An integrated motion detector can automatically log out users and secure the workspace when a room becomes empty. This helps IT maintain data privacy in a public space while still offering employees access to their data in compliance with existing security policies.

– Touch Controlled OSD – No more fumbling for remotes. The display can be easily controlled via a dynamic interface; various color profiles can be preset and A/V can be managed seamlessly within Reactiv SUITE.

– HD Camera – Built-in object detection allows for enhanced room management and presence detection. Managers can know as soon as a room becomes available, and gain unrivaled insights into how often their spaces are being used and by how many people.

– Genius Framing – Wide FOV with a 4K sensor allows for lossless zoom and dynamic framing of individuals no matter where they are sitting, ensuring everyone is framed optimally.

– High-Performance GPU – Built-in computer with high-performance GPU designed to improve Reactiv SUITE IWB performance. This ensures that users can review and manipulate large amounts of content without interruption, improving productivity and the user experience.

– Support for Three Additional Displays – Cast onto three peripheral displays, including LED walls, projectors and secondary displays for dynamic presentations and greater audience engagement.

– Automated Stand Height – Directly control the height of the motorized stand from within Reactiv SUITE. Users can even auto-adjust to their own optimal height without needing remote controls.

– Fluid Writing Experience – High-performance touch screen technology, coupled with optically bonded glass and a specially designed glass surface with a passive stylus deliver an on-screen writing experience that is unmatched by other digital displays.

Learn more about Optika Display Collaborate Plus at www.optikadisplay.com/en/products/collaborate/ and Optika Display’s partnership with Vizetto at www.vizetto.com/optika.


About Vizetto Inc.
Vizetto is a Canadian software company and is the developer of Reactiv SUITE. This software ecosystem re-imagines how people will present content, engages with passive audiences in order to convert them into active participants and enables teamwork from anyone, anywhere. Visit, www.vizetto.com.


About Optika Display
Optika Display, part of the STRATACACHE family of companies, is the industry leader for corporate communications and higher education in the LCD enhancement market. Experts in optical bonding, Optika Display’s foundation is built on high performance and innovative flush edge-to-edge designs for a selection of true multi-touch solutions available in a variety of configurations. Optika Display’s technology is engineered, designed and built-in Dayton, Ohio. Visit www.optikadisplay.com to learn more.

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