Huddly Join rBoard Alliance

Huddly Joins rBoard Alliance

Vizetto Announces That Huddly Joins Its rBoard Certified Hardware Alliance Program


Toronto, Canada (June 11, 2020) –Vizetto Inc., the company that is changing the way the world communicates, today announced Huddly has joined the rBoard alliance. The rBoard alliance is a group of companies that share a common commitment to bringing the highest standards and user experience to the interactive whiteboard and remote work market.

Huddly’s world renowned compact, wide-angle, USB conference cameras deliver a high-quality video conferencing experience, straight out of the box and on any platform. Thanks to an onboard neural engine, they can see, understand and respond to their environment. Just like Reactiv SUITE, Huddly’s products are driven by design to enrich the user experience and transform the way we work and collaborate. As such they are the ideal partner for complete integration into Reactiv SUITE and pave the way for obstacle-free meetings. Some of the benefits include:

  • Huddly products can be managed directly through Reactiv SUITE.  Users can deploy the camera across the organization, configure and manage the device and even push firmware upgrades without having to leave the environment.
  • Integration of Huddly’s InSights analytics API to detect and count the number of people in the room, report on room utilization and provide real-time, high-quality meeting room analytics which can help organizations make better decisions about how they use their meeting spaces.
  • Control the Huddly Genius features directly from Reactiv SUITE.  Allow the camera to automatically frame the meeting room or manually select the framing required very easily.

“We are very excited about integrating Huddly’s world class camera technology with Reactiv SUITE,” said Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto Inc. “The addition of Huddly’s room analytics offers our customers unparalleled insight into not only how their meeting rooms are being used but how they can maximize the value of these spaces. We envision Reactiv SUITE being used to help address a number of issues such as measuring room ROI based on group size, identifying when a room is open and updating its availability automatically, and even supporting social distancing protocols by encouraging alternative rooms based on a group’s size, all through our platform.

In addition, this partnership will allow both companies to continue to research and innovate solutions that push the boundaries of the technology and expand capabilities in this market space.

“In an industry that is evolving at a rapid pace due to the current pandemic, the need for vendors to adapt and partner is critical for success. The Reactive SUITE solution enables customers to get the “best of breed” collaboration technologies managed and delivered in a single solution,” said Nicolas Domeyko, Vice President of Sales Americas at Huddly. “We look forward to providing our customers with Reactiv SUITE, a result of Vizetto taking the time to listen to end-users, and deliver a fantastic single solution.”

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About Vizetto Inc.

Vizetto is a Canadian software company and is the developer of Reactiv SUITE.  This software eco-system re-imagines how people will present content, engages with passive audiences in order to convert them into active participants and enables teamwork from anyone, anywhere.  Visit,

About Huddly

Founded in Oslo, Norway in 2013, Huddly combines Scandinavian-designed hardware, software and AI to create cameras that bring artificial intelligence into the meeting room.


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