Salamander Designs Joins rBoard Alliance

Salamander Designs Joins rBoard Alliance

Salamander Designs premium furniture to be certified and optimized for Reactiv SUITE eco-system


TORONTO, Canada – May 14, 2020 – Vizetto Inc., the company that is changing the way the world communicates, today announced that leading high quality, office and SOHO furniture manufacturer, Salamander Designs has joined the rBoard alliance.  The rBoard alliance is a group of companies that share a common commitment to bringing the highest standards and user experience to the interactive whiteboard and remote work market.

For more than 25 years Salamander has been integrating premium furniture with technology, personalizing solutions for customer needs and creating solutions that allow users to derive maximum benefit from  AV technology.  With this partnership,  of Salamander’s legendary product will be integrated into Reactiv SUITE and offers ADA compliance along with unique value propositions such as:

  • Full integration of all of Salamander’s mobile stands so that users can instantly access Reactiv SUITE presets, that automatically allow the software to adjust the height based on user and reduce meeting start up time.
  • Ability to very quickly make adjustments without having to fumble for a remote control or hidden buttons.
  • Integration of various sensors such as motion detectors and other technologies that dramatically improve meeting efficiency.

“I am excited about partnering with Salamander and further integrating Reactiv SUITE with unique features and capabilities that are not found elsewhere,” said Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto Inc.  “We envision a number of unique value propositions where sensors will be embedded into Salamander’s designs that would enable Reactiv SUITE to control various aspects of the furniture and solve problems that are commonly faced in the meeting room environment.  These problems are what ultimately hamper adoption – which is what the industry is facing”.

“Reactive SUITE combined with Salamander Designs’ innovative stands redefine the concept of hands-free, mobile meetings and bring superior technology and turnkey meeting solutions to the market,” said Scott Srolis, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Salamander Designs. “We’re excited about partnering with Vizetto Inc. and joining the rBoard alliance because this is an opportunity for our team to work closely with Reactive SUITE and empower users’ ability to more efficiently share, collaborate and ideate ideas across teams from anywhere in the world.”


About Vizetto Inc.

Vizetto is a Canadian software company and is the developer of Reactiv SUITE.  This software eco-system re-imagines how people will present content, engages with passive audiences in order to convert them into active participants and enables teamwork from anyone, anywhere.

About Salamander Designs, Ltd.

For more than 25 years, multiple award-winning Salamander has been designing and manufacturing premium quality furniture for residential and commercial audio/video integration that complements any space. Committed to the promise that every customer deserves furniture that is shaped by their needs, Salamander’s expert design team and build-to-order formula serve a wide range of markets equally, including the advanced audiophile, luxury residential and commercial customers of all sizes and categories. All products are custom made in a 100% solar powered USA facility, uniquely quick shipped within days and backed by a lifetime warranty which includes superior support. It’s not just furniture, it’s furniture engineered to make today’s electronics, technology and people work and live better. To learn why global companies such as Sony, Microsoft, General Electric, NBC Sports, United Technologies and thousands of residential customers worldwide rely on Salamander furniture and accessories, visit

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