PDF Markup Software for Remote Presentations

Unable to find a simple and effective way to markup
PDF files?

The best PDF markup software that makes remote presentations more engaging!

Works with all video conference platforms.

Reactiv SUITE Makes Presenting, Marking-up, and Sharing PDF Document Easy

PDF documents are integral to most workflows, but marking them up with notes and annotations can be cumbersome and complicated in a collaborative remote meeting. 

Reactiv SUITE can natively open PDF files so that you can present, ink, mark-up and share them. Interact with a PDF document as if it was a piece of paper. Make your next remote meeting engaging and interactive. 

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content. In Real-Time.

Dynamic Ink 

Ink, highlight and markup any page and any document dynamically. Unlike other whiteboards, Reactiv SUITE’s ink sticks to the page and the document. You no longer have to worry about constantly deleting and managing the ink during a meeting. 

Capture Attention

Your audience loses interest and gets distracted within 30 seconds in a normal video conference. Ink, highlight and interact with your content and create visual stimulus that helps them focus and pay attention.

Save Time

Save the ink and creating meaningful notes. Save time and reduce translation errors as you don’t have to write detailed notes or emails. Email out the documents with the ink and trigger memories that reduce mistakes.

When you captivate, you change minds!
When you engage, you close!
Stand out and be remembered!

Marking Up PDF Documents Can Be as Natural as Writing on Paper

Native Inking

Using Reactiv SUITE, you can open, read and markup PDF documents, and any other file, in their native format. There are no limits in terms of how you can markup your PDFs – be it writing, drawing or sketching.

Reactiv SUITE is also built with a feature that lets you save your markups as new copies of the original file and in its original format – i.e. PDF.

Reactiv will automatically add timestamps to these new copies, which makes sharing and document control an easy process.

The Best PDF Markup Software for Comparing PDF to Non-PDF Files

Reactiv SUITE can natively open, read and enable markups for almost all commonly used file formats. You can compare a PDF on one hand to a PowerPoint deck, web page or even multimedia without having to jump between different apps (or even having them open).

Show contracts and statements of work. Present brochures and videos. There are no limitations to what you can do when using Reactiv SUITE in your remote meetings and presentations. 

Intuitive User Interface

There’s no need to jump in and out of different apps, folders and web pages just to annotate a few PDFs.

With Reactiv SUITE, you can batch together multiple PDFs and other files into one folder and access all of them in a distraction-free workspace for marking-up and editing. 

Keep things organized and clutter free so your post meeting work is reduced. 

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