Presentation Markup Software

Wish you could make your presentations more dynamic by
marking up a whiteboard, multimedia or web content?

Reactiv’s Presentation Markup Software Offers a Simple Way to Integrate Writing into Presentations

The urge to write on a whiteboard or image during a presentation is natural, but today’s tools make presentation markups too difficult and awkward

With Reactiv, you can freely markup document, multimedia and web content in your presentation all within one application, no need to bounce between different programs.

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content.

Markup document, image, web content and video files in their native format


Open any document, multimedia or web content format


Let your audience see your markups in real-time


Touch-friendly UI makes opening and marking-up files a swift and simple process

No obligation. No credit card.

Reactiv is Presentation Markup Software That Lets You Write on Images, Documents, Web Pages and even Videos

Native Inking

In Reactiv, you can open, read and natively markup documents, images, videos and web content in their original format.

Markup Any File

Reactiv is powerful enough to open, read and enable inking on almost any commonly used file format. This includes documents, images, videos and even web content

No obligation. No credit card.

Second Screen Integration

Reactiv’s second screen integration will guarantee that your audience will see your markups occur in real-time.

Reactiv Offers an Intuitive User Experience

A major challenge with incorporating markups into presentations is the difficulty of just opening the content you intend to markup.

Reactiv frees you from opening multiple folders or apps by enabling you to natively open different file formats from within Reactiv -i.e. one app, no need to bounce between different programs.

All you need to do is throw in the files you want to markup into the presentation folder, which will open as a touch-friendly drawer.

Navigating Reactiv doesn’t involve a mouse or complicated keyboard shortcuts. Instead, Reactiv is built on touch-friendly gestures similar to the ones you’re already familiar with from your smartphone.

No obligation. No credit card.

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