April 23, 2020

Reactiv announces rBoard™ Hardware Certification Program

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, April 23, 2020 – Vizetto is pleased to announce the launch of the rBoard hardware certification program, paving the way for a comprehensive and simplified Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) initiative.

The modern conference space is filled with a confounding array of technologies – everything from flat panel displays, projectors and interactive whiteboards to wireless dongles, HDMI capture cards, microphones, speakers and webcams – but these items don’t necessarily work together cohesively or easily. Now more than ever, there is a need for remote teams to implement solutions that elevate the user experience from simple ‘video sharing’, to sharing ideas and vision – to unlock the ability for remote team members to be engaged, creative and productive.

Reactiv SUITE is revolutionizing the way professionals express their ideas in meetings, while allowing passive audiences to become active participants and interact as a team. This transforms everyday meetings resulting in greater engagement and productivity.  Our core belief is that hardware should never hold back the user experience. Users expect seamless performance and a fluid user interface, regardless of the complexity of the workflow, similar to using their smartphones.  Reactiv SUITE has been designed to leverage best-in-class hardware in order to deliver on this expectation and the rBoard certification process will guarantee the highest hardware quality and performance across all partner products.

rBoard consists of a high-performance, plug and play Interactive Whiteboard, that puts the user experience above everything else and delivers a natural writing experience – mimicking the feel and fluidity of pen on paper.  It also integrates best-in-class video conferencing equipment, a high-performance computer with integrated GPU acceleration, and all additional sensors and peripherals that enhance the meeting experience.  Reactiv SUITE also seamlessly integrates all the conference room’s peripherals required for a holistic experience.

rBoard certification brings together world-class providers of leading-edge technology around a hardware product standard that will guarantee optimal performance for the Reactiv ecosystem.

  • rBoard solution providers provide, install and support an ultimate solution that integrates the best in class technologies and create a value proposition that can compete against established products.
  • rBoard technology providers are guaranteed the support of their technology and peripheral devices within the Reactiv eco-system – we will natively integrate APIs/SDKs to create custom features that will allow your technology to be differentiated in the market.
  • End users can rest assured that the product will support their most stringent and demanding Reactiv SUITE usage; simplifying training and minimizing support for global deployments.

Vizetto’s rBoard initiative further validates our mission of Changing the way the world communicates.