Two Options to Make Your Meetings Memorable!

Whether you are presenting from the comfort of your home, or a large public boardroom,

Reactiv SUITE can help make your meetings memorable!

For your boardroom, and public spaces

Stand in front of an IFP/IWB and present to your audience in your boardroom or huddle spaces.

Integrate room devices like cameras and projectors into your Reactiv SUITE presentation workspace

The perfect hybrid setup where in-person and remote audiences can get the same user experience.

For your laptop and personal devices

Elevate your presence and present your content from anywhere.

Perfect for your personal laptops, desktops and other personal devices.

Create a home boardroom environment where you can stand out, ink, markup content and present without limitations.

Multiple users can login

You users can simply login to Reactiv SUITE IWB and leverage your existing cloud-based data repositories, network servers, mapped drives or local drives. The software works with SSO and existing authentication protocols, such as Active Directory and LDAP, to ensure automatic compliance with your IT policies.

You don’t have to change your user or data policies to integrate Reactiv SUITE IWB into your boardroom.

Ideal for single user

Reactiv SUITE PRO is just an app that access your data based on your user’s Windows credentials. No login, nothing to connect.

Access content and workspaces that are stored on your desktop, cloud folders or personal hard drive locations just like any other app on your computer.


Integrate multiple boardroom peripherals

Reactiv SUITE IWB allows you to connect multiple displays, projectors, cameras and wireless screen sharing devices.

Easily integrate room cameras, presenter cameras and other external cameras without limitations.

Even allow users to plug in their laptops via HDMI cable using and external HDMI capture card.


Pin Your Camera

Reactiv SUITE PRO allows you to pin your primary camera on the workspace and elevate your presence in a meeting.

Or connect one camera as the primary camera designed to show you during your presentations.




Meeting Calendar Integration

Integrated meeting calendar allows your users to click to join a meeting. Any meeting you want: Zoom, Teams, Webex and Google Meet.

Just connect Reactiv SUITE IWB with a resource account or a shared room calendar and invite the device into your meeting. It is as simple as that.

Manage your meeting

Leverage existing video conferencing and calendar tool to connect and share your screen. No restrictions as Reactiv SUITE PRO is just another app on your desktop.




Security features to manage your device and files

Kiosk mode to lock out windows desktop, file management features to lock out drives and directories, user management features to protect your network against unwanted access and a host of features designed to help you lock down your public boardroom IWB.

Manage your own device and files

Reactiv SUITE PRO allows your users to save and create workspaces anywhere on their PC – no need to change their behaviour.

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