Reactiv SUITE 3.0 Launched! Boost Client Engagement by 250% in Remote Meetings

Toronto, Canada – A study conducted by Psychology Today found that when people can see each other in virtual meetings, they feel more connected, it improves communication, and they’re more interested and engaged in the conversation. Research has shown video represents over 75% of Engagement in remote meetings.

Vizetto, a leading provider of innovative digital communication solutions, launches Reactiv Suite, providing an unrivalled ability to captivate audiences and make virtual presentations come alive with a unique, dynamic solution.

The app has been tested over 70,000 hours with thousands of users worldwide, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. According to Vizetto, presenters using Reactiv SUITE have seen a minimum of 250% increase in engagement compared to traditional remote presentations.

A high-quality video that connects the presenter to their content provides the following business benefits:

  1. Builds more trust and credibility
  2. Increases sales & improves learning
  3. Create a broadcast-quality presentation experience
  4. It provides the most immersive in-person feel
  5. Captivates your audience and has them wanting more
  6. Wows key executives and decision-makers
  7. Improves information and client retention

Vizetto addressed the current need for virtual meetings to better present and sell by saving time, money and valuable resources. Reactiv SUITE arms presenters and educators with the most connective and effective companion app to complement all virtual meeting platforms! They launched and developed the following unique presentation abilities:

  • Presenters can quickly ink any form of content on their screen
  • Highlight documents and videos
  • Point to the document as if it was a piece of paper beside them
  • Record meetings and documents with scribbles intact
  • Easy to use and set up in minutes, making it accessible to presenters of all skill levels.
  • Instantly download recordings optimized for email, socials or high-quality video for branded content.

“Reactiv SUITE is a game-changer for remote engagement,” said Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto. “We spent over 18 months speaking to thousands of users worldwide to refine the product. We’re excited to help presenters connect more effectively with their audiences and deliver more impactful presentations.”

To learn more about Reactiv SUITE and how it can help you transform your remote meetings, visit today.

About Vizetto:
Vizetto is a leading provider of innovative digital communication solutions. Its flagship product, Reactiv SUITE, is a game-changing app that transforms the remote meeting experience and boosts Engagement by 250%. Vizetto is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit

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