Ricoh selects Vizetto for International Integration into their Interactive Whiteboard Solutions.

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, December 12, 2018 – Vizetto Inc. announces today the international bundling of Reactiv STAGE interactive presentation software into Ricoh’s latest generation of interactive whiteboards.

Reactiv STAGE represents the evolution of presentation software, specifically geared toward the multi-touch conference boardroom and education markets.  There are ~30 million global corporate boardrooms that have not yet adopted interactive whiteboard technology.

Ricoh’s leading edge interactive whiteboards, bundled with Reactiv STAGE, offer an unparalleled value proposition that is set to accelerate adoption in this relatively nascent market.

“Ricoh’s decision to internationally bundle Reactiv STAGE is a significant milestone and achievement for Vizetto”, said Vizetto Director of Product Management & Marketing, Essa Qaqish. “We are excited that customers internationally will have access to a platform that was developed with innovated features that will simplify and enhance their workflow while saving time. This will allow customers to deliver a more powerful and engaging presentation that is interactive and collaborative. Reactiv STAGE will allow you to open any file natively, markup & ink documents, track and manage file revisions, manage additional displays, and arrange & compare any type of document or file with ease.”

“Integrating Reactiv STAGE into our interactive whiteboards ensures that we are offering an extremely powerful presentation and collaboration solution for businesses and schools,” said Mr. Yoshinori Sakaue, General Manager of the Digital Business Group of Ricoh. “We chose Vizetto because it rounds out our overall technology with leading edge software and a truly innovative user experience.”

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About Vizetto

Vizetto develops innovative presentation and collaboration software that makes meetings more efficient and productive. Reactiv is optimized to give you the same handwriting experience as using a pen and paper. Vizetto hopes to address customer frustrations with existing presentation and whiteboard applications that will contribute to increased efficiencies in presentations, meetings, training, and teaching

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