Smartboard Software

Are your smartboards collecting dust?

Your company bought smartboard hardware to support your team, but now it’s just collecting dust because the smartboard software is too complicated or inefficient for your team’s needs.

Let our smartboard software revive your smartboard

Reactiv equips your smartboard with a modern user interface designed with smartphone-like gestures and a productivity suite that makes you want to start using your smartboard again.


Start in seconds with a USB or a cloud/network drive-mapped folder


Use a second screen to keep everyone focused


Quickly access the files you need with the touch-friendly launcher


Run all of your files from within Reactiv


Screenshot your pivotal ideas, diagrams and notes into Idea Boards

No obligation. No credit card.

Start Meetings Immediately

Quit fumbling with HDMI cables and screen configurations. Start your meeting, presentation or brainstorming session in seconds by directly importing your files through USB or wirelessly from a networked or cloud drive (i.e. SharePoint and OneDrive).

Run Any File in Native Format

Reactiv runs all commonly used file and document formats. Whether you’re launching a PowerPoint deck, an Excel spreadsheet,an AVI video, or all three, there’s no need to open other apps. Reactiv handles all your files in one place, in one app.

Ink on Any File

Write and draw on any file in Reactiv. Use the “SaveInk” feature to save new annotated copies in the original document’s file format (e.g. docx, pptx, etc) for sharing. Every new copy will have its own date-stamp to highlight the latest version.

No obligation. No credit card.

Your Smartboard Hardware has the Power to Perfect Your Meetings and Presentations. Unleash it with Reactiv!

Reactiv provides you with a touch-friendly file launcher enabling you to show any document, image, video or web page with just a tap of your finger.

Reactiv’s ‘Grid Align’ button instantly organizes your content into equally-sized windows for quick simultaneous review and window switching..

‘Screenshot’ lets you save your presentation’s key moments.

Integrated Interactive Whiteboard

The built-in whiteboard feature lets you pull up a whiteboard on screen to write and draw from within Reactiv. You can leave the interactive whiteboard open along with any other document or file, freeing you to take notes as you’re presenting, teaching or working with your team.

Involve the Entire Team

Reactiv supports up to 10 simultaneous inputs. Its ability to auto-detect and differentiate multiple pens, fingers and erasers prevents unwanted ink scuffs. Just focus on delivering your ideas. Each team member can even annotate different files open on the same screen!

Save Those Eureka Moments

Don’t let those eureka moments fall on your smartboard victim to fuzzy smartphone photos. Tap the Screenshot icon to save those precious Idea boards, preserving your meeting flow and that information exactly the way you saw it the first time.

Your Smartboard Hardware has the Power to Perfect Your Meetings and Presentations. Unleash it with Reactiv!

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