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V2 Indonesia Launches Reactiv SUITE

Mississauga, ON. – January 24, 2020  – Vizetto Inc., is pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with V2 Indonesia for them to become the Indonesian master distributor for Reactiv SUITE. This agreement gives Reactiv SUITE a market presence and local customer support in the Indonesian marketplace, as the company continues its rollout of Reactiv SUITE with global premier partners.

V2 Indonesia has always been at the forefront of A/V technologies and we have a track record of introducing next generation products into the market,” said Rudi Hidayat, CEO of V2 Indonesia.  “Reactiv SUITE is revolutionizing the way people communicate and share by creating a “Digital Table” where multiple remote users can simultaneously access, push and manipulate any type of content as if it were a piece of paper”

“It was an amazing and exciting experience to launch Reactiv SUITE during Jakarta AV Week,” remarked Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto Inc., “Indonesia is a unique market where team members within a company can be spread over a large distance.  By implementing Reactiv SUITE into their workflow, Indonesian companies can dramatically lower travel costs, gain efficiency in communication and drive bottom line results.  We are excited to be part of this opportunity.”

Founded in 1992, V2 Indonesia is the leading provider of audio-visual technology in Indonesia. The company is focused on future technology for its clients. The addition of Reactiv SUITE to V2’s product lineup gives V2’s customers access to a robust and feature rich application that enables the ability to present, collaborate and create content on interactive digital whiteboards and laptop computers. V2 launched Reactiv SUITE at Jakarta AV Week during the week of October 9th, where Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto Inc., demonstrated the power of Reactiv SUITE to a packed audience during a 45-minute keynote address on the future of meetings.

Vizetto Inc., is a Canadian company that develops Reactiv SUITE; software that enables remote creativity for organizations. This new partnership between two great companies further validates Vizetto’s mission of ensuring the best possible user experience for the digital meeting space.

Because products like Skype are unidirectional presentation tools, your attendees are simply watching you passively. Like watching TV, but without the ads. While you diligently present some PowerPoint slides, they are checking their emails. A recent survey discovered that:

  • 92% of US workers admitted multitasking during meetings
  • 41% admitting to doing it “often” or “all the time”
  • It doesn’t help that after the first 30 minutes, attention span drops by 30%; 40% after 45 minutes. “Sorry, I missed that, what did you say?”

In almost every presentation, someone has something to share, and that person will likely start by uploading the file to a remote cloud service or network drive. Then they will email the link to the presenter or others in the meeting, who then must download the file, to finally launch an app to open it. Assuming access to the network or Internet, and that the file revision is compatible.  That process burns up more time and, whilst the process is going on, the attention span of others is affected. People start to look at their emails or engage in other things.  It can take several minutes to regain control of the meeting.

Again, in many meetings… “Can I share my screen? How do I do that?”  If it’s a video conference, you must have the right permissions to share the screen. In each case, the meeting is disrupted, attention span is lost, time wasted. “By the way; anyone have a mini display port cable?”

Our analysis has shown that people have become accustomed to wasting 20-30 minutes during every meeting due to these issues.


Post Meeting

Because attendees are multitasking during the meeting, the message gets lost on many people. This results in multiple follow-up questions and requests: time wasted on follow up.

Each presentation is often followed by multiple requests for the presenter’s PowerPoint presentation. Between gathering all participants’ email addresses, gathering the requests writing the follow-up emails, you will spend an average of 20 minutes post meeting on just that activity.

The lack of focus during the meeting leads to the team wasting time asking questions that were answered during the meeting. It can lead to mistakes. Employees that got the information wrong, or partially wrong will lose anything from hours to days on a misdirected task; another hit on the overall productivity.

“Let’s just have a quick follow-up meeting.” The usual result of an inefficient meeting. The follow-up meeting is unlikely to be any more efficient than the original meeting.  Again, teams can easily waste an additional 20-30 minutes in the post meeting dealing with all of these issues.


Talk is cheap, meetings are not.

Time is money. Between the creation of the first PowerPoint slide and the last follow up email, the hit on the bottom line grows. As much as US$25 million per day in the USA alone. That’s a huge yearly total of US$37 billion, and it’s not just a US problem. A recent study from the UK that estimates the cost of ineffective meetings to be about L20,000 per year for employees as well in the UK.

Does this data make you anxious? It should, because that’s not the “best” part. The quoted numbers are a “low estimate”! Because the trend is one of moving toward more remote teams and more meetings, these numbers are likely to grow – rapidly.

While industries are struggling to cut costs and increase productivity, meetings seem to be the ideal budget consuming trend to begin with. But, even if they have been identified as a point of improvement, the solutions are not there yet.

Each company has its own ideas for a solution. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos applied a simple rule; “Don’t plan a meeting in which two pizzas are not enough to feed everyone present”, and he banned PowerPoint. LinkedIn banned PowerPoint as well. Even if these two giants are on the right path, mostly blaming outdated tools, they still came up short on proposals to replace them.


How to make meetings more productive

With such an impact on productivity, office morale, and most of all on the result of companies, there’s a big opportunity for something better. Where most productivity solutions are falling short of expectations, there are some existing “solutions” that try to address each above within one package.

Consider for a moment… What if there were a simple and intuitive, off-the-shelf software solution, packaged with the right hardware, that can help people prepare their meetings faster and more efficiently? What if it were also able bring a high level of interactivity and attention meetings, and make taking notes and follow-ups obsolete?

What if there is an existing solution out there that can save each employee a total of 1.5 hours between pre, during, and post meetings?

Stop wasting time in meetings

At Vizetto, we are taking productivity solutions to another level with a new software ecosystem: Reactiv SUITE.

Reactiv SUITE is revolutionizing the way people communicate and share by creating a “Digital Table” where multiple remote users can simultaneously access, push, and manipulate any type of content as if it were a piece of paper. Reactiv SUITE simplifies mundane tasks involved with collaboration such as, inking, marking up, tracking changes, and archiving not only to save you time but to let you focus on being creative. How would that translate to your weekly meeting? Let’s take a look.

Meeting preparation: because Reactiv adapts to your workflow, you still gather the information that you need to present, but instead of doing multiple screenshots and arrange them into a PowerPoint, you simply drop every document, web-links  and media you need into a single folder on your company network-drive, a cloud of your choice, or on a USB flash drive, the choice is yours and that simple process alone will make any employee save from 10 minutes to hours.

Looking at the process during meetings, we identified every bottleneck and addressed them one by one. The software is bundled with many smart features, all designed to improve productivity, interactivity and simplicity.

The cherry on the cake? These numerous features are not at the expense of the user experience.  Within one intuitive interface, you can open any type of file, you can interact with files as if they were papers on a table, move them; resize; compare; also marking up; saving; editing; making our ecosystem the most versatile tool to date for all types of meetings, from presentation to brainstorming or training.  Simply ink natively into documents, automatically save new revisions and track changes back to your data repository.  Share these changes with your team mates without the need for creating additional email threads and clunky attachments. All of your meeting attendees can write, manipulate, discuss and contribute as if they were sitting at the same table with you.

By removing the empty pauses during presentations, Reactiv SUITE drastically increases the level of attention of attendees, as well as the level of comprehension, while helping to each presentation more concise and effective, and thereby up to 15 to 30 minutes shorter.

At the end of your meetings, because of the saving and archiving capabilities, there is no need to follow up. If the presenter wishes, every attendee can have direct access to not only every piece of content and media presented, but also every markup and note taken directly on the documents.

Achieve productive team meetings

Because Reactiv SUITE makes your meetings shorter, attendees’ attention and motivation stay high, comprehension is improved, reducing the need for follow-up emails and meetings, and most of all your message will be understood.

Just like that, with these simple but smart features, Reactiv SUITE process will improve productivity and communication, while reducing the wasted time per employee by one and half hour per meeting. The solution is intuitive enough to be mastered within 15 minutes, removing training need and increasing utilization, yet powerful enough to handle any type of workflow, from a 30 minutes sales meeting to an 18-month project.

It’s not a coincidence that fortune 500 companies are already adopting Reactiv SUITE as the go-to tool for collaboration needs.

If your present, teach or coach..

We have the tools to transform your presentation and make you stand out!

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