Video Markup Software

Wish you had an easier way to annotate and give detailed
feedback on a video?

Reactiv’s Video Markup Software Accelerates Video Editing and Development Workflows

It’s impossible to provide constructive feedback without notes, diagrams and other intuitive cues, but videos are prohibitively difficult to markup in this manner without wasting time and energy.

Reactiv will automatically convert and save every instance where you markup a video into an annotated image still. You just keep giving your feedback, Reactiv will handle the rest.

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content.

Natively ink on any video file within Reactiv.


Reactiv uses the same touch-friendly gestures as your smartphone.


Reactiv can support up to 10 different touch inputs, so get the entire team involved!


Reactiv can play almost all common video formats.


Reactiv is ready for use on all touch screen-equipped devices running Windows

No obligation. No credit card.

Reactiv Video Markup Software Lets You Show Your Thoughts on Videos Instead of Explaining Them in Paragraphs

Play and Markup Any Video File

Reactiv can natively playback almost any commonly used video format, including .MPEG4/.Mp4, .AVI and .MOV.

Through its powerful Video Markup feature, Reactiv will auto-convert every moment you markup a video scene into an annotated still (which will be available as an image file).

Streamlined User Experience

There’s no need to have a bunch of different apps or folders open to markup your videos. Instead, Reactiv lets you group everything you need to deal with in one folder.

Through its touch-friendly, smartphone-like gestures and controls, you can access the videos (and other files) you want via a file launcher.

No obligation. No credit card.

Involve the Team

Reactiv can recognize up to 10 different users and differentiate between finger, pen and eraser inputs. You can leverage this to have your entire team participate in the video markup process on the very same device.

Your Hardware is Reactiv Ready!

As long as you have a touchscreen-enabled Windows interactive display, laptop or desktop, you can install and use Reactiv. No need for additional gear or even drivers.

No obligation. No credit card.

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