Vizetto And Hermecury Announce Partnership

Vizetto, Mississauga, August 19, 2021 – Vizetto Inc., the company that is changing the way the world communicates, announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Hermecury – a top supplier for unified communication infrastructure devices and collaborative displays in China. Hermecury will pair Reactiv SUITE solutions alongside its innovative “WorkHub” Interactive Digital LED Screens, granting users the ability to see, hear, and collaborate in hybrid or in-person meetings, on an entirely new level. This agreement will act as a new landmark in Vizetto’s expansion into new, rising global markets.


Reactiv SUITE is an eco-system of software products designed to make remote collaboration as intuitive as using one’s smartphone today. On the WorkHub Screen, individuals can focus on getting their message across dynamically throughout the meeting as opposed to presenting static data and images using outdated screensharing. Reactiv STAGE allows everyone in the meeting to become a participant, instead of just being a passive observer, and contribute to any type of meeting. Additionally, all team members can brainstorm and ideate, during the meeting, using the infinite canvas of Reactiv SCRIBBLE.


Hermecury is revolutionizing collaborative display boards with products like WorkHub, an interactive digital LED screen, widely applied in meeting rooms for wireless presentation, file sharing, brief reporting and brainstorming to help increase work efficiency. With multiple sizes from 108” to 216” and 4K resolution, this board can easily help users teach, discuss, train and report in a variety of different work or educational environments. The WorkHub allows for wireless presentations with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, as well as file sharing and built-in Android and Windows dual smart systems. Available with a variety of Hemercury’s high-quality accessories including wireless presentation dongles and 4K tracking cameras with built-in speakers and microphones, the WorkHub display screen can redefine the way we collaborate.


“The WorkHub displays, paired with Reactiv SUITE, has the capacity to dramatically improve how we work in hybrid environments. The large, high-resolution display is ideal to interact with multiple in-person team members and Reactiv SUITE’s capabilities allow for seamless integration with remote participants. Not only is Hermecury a leading innovator in the Chinese collaborative technology industry, but they are focused on getting the absolute best product and experience for their end-users.” said Av Utukuri, CEO and founder of Vizetto. “They are committed to improving the way that their users work and live, and this partnership will easily give everyone the potential to elevate their presence”


“We pride ourselves on developing fresh new methods of satisfying our customers’ need for productivity, learning, enjoyment and collaboration.”, says Owen Zhong, CEO of Hermecury, “To do this, we work with the best engineers and other industry experts across the globe. “WorkHub” and Reactiv SUITE feel like a natural pairing as it allows our users to easily communicate with one another regardless of where they are located. We are confident that our hardware will help give meetings an extra boost and are excited to see the creative ways our customers will use this partnership to their advantage.


About Hermecury


Hermecury is a supplier for unified communication infrastructure devices and collaborative displays. Their product line is focused on unified communication devices, collaborative displays and accessories that are used for seeing, hearing, and collaborating locally or remotely.


About Vizetto


Vizetto Inc. is a Canadian company that develops Reactiv SUITE; software that enables remote and hybrid teams to communicate with impact and create memorable meeting experiences. This new partnership between two great companies further validates Vizetto’s mission of ensuring the best possible user experience for the evolving hybrid meeting space.

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