Vizetto and MediaResources Partner to Bring Augmented Reality Meeting Experiences to Hybrid Meetings at Infocomm in Orlando

Toronto, Canada – Vizetto, the makers of the revolutionary presentation platform Reactiv SUITE, is excited to announce a new partnership with Media Resources, a manufacturer of DirectView LED screens using their TruView FlipChip technology for offices, public spaces, sports facilities, transportation centers and endless AV applications. The two companies will be showcasing a ground-breaking demo of their combined technology at InfoComm in Orlando, Florida from June 14th to 16th.


The demo will feature Vizetto’s Reactiv SUITE running on a Media Resources’ 100″ 1.25mm TruView LED screen with FlipChip technology, creating an immersive augmented reality experience for visitors. By connecting Media Resources’ booth with Vizetto’s booth using Reactiv SUITE, visitors will experience what augmented reality can be for people who can be speaking thousands of miles away. Reactiv SUITE’s augmented reality capabilities will create a seamless and immersive experience, where brand, camera image and documents are combined into a broadcast quality video stream, allowing visitors to interact with and explore Media Resources’ booth as if they are actually there. Baanto’s ShadowSense technology is used in the direct view LED screen to enable interactive writing, inking, and highlighting on a low-latency screen that feels like pen on paper. This creates a truly immersive experience that feels like you are talking to a live person.

“We are delighted to be part of InfoComm 2023 and to have the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge products and technologies,” said Jeff Rushton, CEO and President of Media Resources. “By partnering with Vizetto, we are pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in the DirectView LED display technology area, and we eagerly anticipate sharing these exciting developments with our esteemed customers and industry professionals. We firmly believe we are only scratching the surface of the potential this technology holds!”

“Creating a remote meeting experience is essential for the future success of hybrid meetings,” said Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto. “By partnering with Media Resources, we are able to bring our patented and revolutionary technology to any businesses who wants to achieve greater engagement and success in their remote meetings.”

Reactiv SUITE’s unique capabilities help businesses achieve greater engagement, attention, focus, and retention of information in remote and hybrid meetings. By leveraging the power of augmented reality, Reactiv SUITE creates an experience that mimics in-person meetings, reducing PowerPoint fatigue and Zoom hell. Research has shown that engagement, attention, and information retention are all enhanced when people feel like they are talking to other people, rather than staring at static slides.
In fact, Vizetto’s survey of Reactiv SUITE users has shown a minimum of 250% increase in engagement, proving that Reactiv SUITE is the perfect tool for businesses that want to enhance engagement and collaboration in remote and hybrid meetings.
Visit Vizetto’s booth, 2508, at Infocomm to experience the demo and see firsthand how Reactiv SUITE can revolutionize your business’s meetings. Learn more about Vizetto’s innovative technology at

About Vizetto:

Vizetto is a leading provider of innovative digital communication solutions. Its flagship product, Reactiv SUITE, is a game-changing app that transforms the remote meeting experience and boosts Engagement by 250%. Vizetto is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit


About Media Resources:

Media Resources is the leading North American manufacturer of digital LED displays and visual communications solutions. With a comprehensive range of products and services, including digital billboards, large format printing, billboard hardware supplies, sign installation and custom 3D props, Media Resources offers end-to-end solutions for businesses seeking impactful visual communication. For more information, visit

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