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Reactiv’s Website Markup Tools Let You Write and Draw on Web Pages like Documents

It’s unbelievable how we must write paragraphs, manually screenshot or even print web pages just to offer feedback or mark them up with ink to explain our ideas.

Reactiv will automatically screenshot the web content you’re viewing to enable markups. You can share marked-up versions without the need for other apps or complicated processes.

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Pin Camera. Pull Content. Markup.


Markup web content without the need for manually converting pages into documents.


Reactiv supports up to 10 different pen inputs, letting an entire team markup one or multiple documents


Touch-friendly UI makes opening and marking-up files a swift and simple process

No obligation. No credit card.

Use Reactiv’s Website Markup Capabilities to Provide Visual Feedback on Web Content

Native Inking on Web Pages

Reactiv enables you to natively ink – i.e. write and draw – on web pages automatically. Simply open the web page you want to work with and mark it up in Reactiv. You have no need for other apps to manually save and convert web pages.

Involve Others

Reactiv can recognize up to 10 different touch points and differentiate between finger, pen and eraser inputs. This capability lets you do web content markups as a team on the same device.

Simple User Interface

With Reactiv, you don’t need to worry about using multiple programs to just markup a website. Reactiv will handle everything for you.

All you need to do is bookmark the page and drag the bookmark to Reactiv’s folder.

No Credit Card. No Obligation.

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