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Vizetto, Toronto, July 22nd, 2020 – Vizetto Inc., the company that is changing the way the world communicates, announced today that it has entered into a bundling and distribution agreement with Newline, one of the world’s leading Interactive Whiteboard manufacturers. Newline will bring certified Reactiv SUITE solutions to market through its extensive network of channel partners and become a world leading provider of remote #WFH and hybrid solutions required for the new normal. This agreements marks a major milestone in Vizetto’s ongoing strategy to rapidly expand its customer footprint not only in North America but globally.


Reactiv SUITE is an eco-system of software products designed to make remote collaboration as intuitive as using one’s smartphone today. On this platform, individuals can focus on getting their message across as opposed to presenting static data and images using antiquated screensharing. Reactiv STAGE allows everyone on the meeting to become a participant, instead of just being a passive observer, and contribute to any type of meeting. Additionally, all team members can brainstorm and ideate, during the meeting, using the infinite canvas of Reactiv SCRIBBLE.


Newline is leading the charge of workspace evolution with innovative products like Flex, a versatile all-in-one 27” touch monitor designed to facilitate desktop collaboration. The screen aligns with your eye level and the natural 10° tilt provides a comfortable viewing angle compared to a regular monitor. Flex can tilt up to 45° which allows the user to place their palm on the screen and annotate in a natural writing position with the active pen. The 4K camera with facial recognition can be tilted and turned to ensure a convenient position for the user. High fidelity audio and microphones are designed to elevate the meeting experience. The overall result is a different videocall experience which will cost the user less energy in communication and which feels more natural. Flex is suitable for any workplace, office or classroom and is especially ideal for working from home. Flex truly has the potential to revolutionize the way we work.

“The combination of Newline’s revolutionary hardware, together with Reactiv SUITE will transform how we work. Newline has not only become a market leader in the interactive whiteboard space but and have routinely been the first to bring cutting edge innovation to the market”, said Av Utukuri, CEO and founder of Vizetto. “This solution will allow anyone, from anywhere, to create engaging and memorable remote meeting experiences”.


“More and more, our customers are demanding complete solutions that approach hybrid work holistically” says George Chen, General Manager for Newline Europe. “Newline’s Reactiv SUITE solution makes people feel like they are in the same room, sharing content and communicating without effort and represents a completely new way for any organization to foster creativity between their teams remotely. We are excited to leverage our cutting edge hardware and bring never before seen ideas, and the best user experience, to the remote work and collaboration market”.



About Newline Interactive

Founded in 2012, Newline Interactive provides exceptional experiences to corporations, universities, government agencies, healthcare, and schools with their multi-touch interactive panels, accessories, and software. The continual innovation and product development Newline practices result in the company’s reputation as a world-class organization without exception. Learn more at newline-interactive.com.


About Vizetto

Vizetto Inc. is a Canadian company that develops Reactiv SUITE; software that enables remote and hybrid teams to communicate with impact and create memorable meeting experiences. This new partnership between two great companies further validates Vizetto’s mission of ensuring the best possible user experience for the evolving hybrid meeting space.

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