Word Markup Software

with Native Inking

Are you struggling with marking up Microsoft Word
documents without unintended changes to the text?

Reactiv Word Markup Software Lets You Ink Feedback without Ruining the File

Microsoft Word is a powerful document suite, but marking up Word documents is a hassle fraught with the risk of unintended changes and mistakes.

Not only does Reactiv let you ink on Word documents in their native format, but it’ll save new copies (in docx) without overwriting the original.

Pin Camera. Open Files. Markup Content.

Markup Word documents in native Word format without altering the original file.


Touch-friendly UI makes opening and marking-up files simple and straightforward.


Reactiv supports up to 10 different pen inputs, inviting the team to markup one or several Word documents.

No obligation. No credit card.

Reactiv is Document Markup Software That Lets You Give Feedback on Digital Files as You Would on Real Paper

Native Inking in Word

Reactiv can view Word documents in their native format while also giving you the ability to ink over them.

Inked versions are saved as new Word copies of the original file (i.e. the original isn’t overwritten) with timestamps for document control and easy sharing between colleagues.

Multiple Writers

Reactiv recognizes up to 10 different touch inputs while also being to differentiate between finger, pen and eraser inputs. This lets you have multiple people markup a single Word document on the same device (e.g. a boardroom/meeting PC).

Intuitive User Experience

Reactiv doesn’t plague you with multiple programs or complicated controls. All you need to do is throw the Word documents you want to markup into Reactiv’s folder. Reactiv will handle the rest so that you just need to open and markup the document.

No obligation. No credit card.

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