What’s New in Reactiv SUITE 2.0?

What’s Can You Expect From Reactiv SUITE 2.0?


1. Freemium Version

Reactiv SUITE now offers a FREE version! Deliver great presentations with only a few features disabled (branding and saving ink) to create engaging experiences with no obligation.

After your 30 day trial expires automatically reverts to FREEMIUM mode.


2. Reactiv PITCH

A new app that allows anyone to deliver a powerful presentation with just a couple of clicks! Reactiv PITCH dramatically simplifies getting started and guides you through the process.


3. Library Tab in STAGE & SCRIBBLE

The workspace media dock now includes a new Library tab. This can be used to create read-only shortcuts to commonly used folders on your computer and network drives to save time when creating new projects.


4. Camera Configuration

Customize your in-app camera to include your name, logo, and company to create a TV broadcast-like experience. We’ve done a complete overhaul of the setup process for cameras including labels, muting, and the default shape.


5. Change Background in STAGE

The new icon on the background toolbar of STAGE allows you to easily change the current background image. Customize each workspace with your logos or your customers’ branding to create a personalized meeting experience.


6. Simplified YouTube Links

All YouTube links now open as full screen embedded videos, meaning that ads and other distractions are eliminated for a cleaner presentation.


Check out the full Release Notes here >>

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