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Reactiv HUDDLE is an innovative tool that allows remote employees, partners and customers to collaborate and participate as if they were sitting in the same room. HUDDLE allows you to not only share video and audio, but seamlessly share files and even interact, ink and manipulate content regardless of your location.

HUDDLE improves the productivity of meetings as everyone can engage without any physical barriers and fewer clicks.

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Save Time And Money

We have discovered that a one-hour long meeting can actually burn two and a half hours of time for the entire team! This additional time is comprised of pre-meeting setup, content distribution and post-meeting archiving and distribution of decisions and follow-up. Our goal is to save every team member 45 minutes, for every hour-long meeting. This will result in less work in the preparation of the meeting, more efficiency in conducting the meeting, and faster post-meeting follow-up.

Save 45% of your time in meetings and get your message through

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Bi-Directional Interaction


Video/Data Conferencing


Archive & Distribute


Video/Data Conferencing

Leverages webRTC, the global conferencing standard, to seamlessly integrate voice, video conferencing and data sharing from remote teams.


Bi-Directional Interaction

Instead of being a passive observer in a meeting, any team member will be able to manipulate documents and write from their own chair. The concept of ‘presenter’ and ‘observer’ is eliminated, as team members can communicate without restrictions – as if face-to-face.

The Communication Ecosystem for your Laptop

The Operating System for your Interactive Whiteboard


Archive & Distribute

Users are able to drop documents from their email or hard drive directly onto the ‘Reactiv table’. No longer will anyone waste time waiting to email or upload a cloud storage link and update a presentation with new content.

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Discover the Reactiv SUITE

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