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Suffering from Unproductive Huddles?

Hate it when your team huddles end-up being a waste of time because the meeting lead can’t bring-up the right files or images?

Untap your team’s potential with our huddle software

Reactiv is powerful huddle software that lets your team analyze key documents or content while quickly brainstorming in huddles without wasting any valuable time.


Plug-in a USB or open your files from a cloud-mapped folder.


Touch-friendly file launcher for opening meeting files.


Stay in one app by natively running all of your files in Reactiv.


Save your huddle’s best moments in seconds.


Mark-up any document file and save new versions in its original file format.

Reactiv is the Huddle Software Built to Accelerate Projects

Stage Feature - On-the-Run mode

Don’t Waste Time Starting

Reactiv lets you get started in just seconds. Insert a USB to your interactive whiteboard or open your huddle folder from a network or cloud (OneDrive, SharePoint) drive mapped to Reactiv on your hardware. Why waste time with HDMI cables or navigating browser tabs?

Huddle Software That Runs Everything

Reactiv natively runs all commonly used file formats. From Word or PDF documents to media to even web pages, your team has no need to switch between different apps just to complete one action item for the huddle. Just copy-paste the files you need for the huddle into Reactiv’s content folder and get started!

Simple Touch-First File Launcher

Don’t let your huddle’s flow break by having to switch between files using a mouse. When you’re done with one file in Reactiv, just move onto the next one with a simple tap of your finger. Why switch out to a different app or close windows for something so simple?

Did Your Last Team Huddle Feel Like a Waste of Time?

Next Time, Try it in Reactiv Huddle Space Software

Markup Any File from within the Huddle Software

In Reactiv, you can write, draw and freely annotate on any file. It could be a document, video or even annotating an image, Reactiv equips you to express your thoughts exactly the way you want on anything of interest to your team.

“SaveInk” lets you even save your annotations into new copies of the annotated file in its original format. Reactiv will also timestamp each version so that your team can keep track of changes between your huddles. There’s no need to waste time and paper printing dozens of copies of the same document.

Get the Team Engaged

Reactiv supports up to 10 on-screen users at the same time, letting you get your entire team involved, especially when the ideas are flowing.

Reactv auto-detects and spots the difference between finger, pen and eraser inputs to ensure that the system works as expected, even if you have the entire team writing on-screen.

You can even have multiple files – including different formats – open and annotated at the same time!

Preserve Your Best Thoughts for Ideaboards

Don’t lose your ‘eureka moments’!

Reactiv lets you quickly screenshot that pivotal moment on the display and save it as an Ideaboard for sharing and viewing later.

Install Reactiv’s Huddle Space Software to Expand Your Huddles into Powerful Planning and Brainstorming Sessions

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