The art of storytelling
has been lost


Average meeting preparation


Average meeting duration


Average post meeting

In our quest to provide endless connectivity, we’ve sacrificed¬†something. Our stories, once curvey and free-flowing, have been boxed in by the world of ones and zeroes, files folders and Powerpoint presentations.

We are unsatisfied with our meetings.

180 bilion

Our Inspiration

We want to change meetings the way smartphones changed mobility. There is too much content of all shapes and sizes but not enough time to craft a compelling and actionable message. How do we design a new UX with simple gestures that take advantage of pen computing, touch interfaces & multi touch presentation software? How do we make virtually all forms of content accessible on the fly without limiting ourselves to preformatted linear slides? How do we embed seamless version control and real-time annotation without having to resort to rigid file directories?


We are proud to launch Reactiv as the new paradigm in meeting technology.
Our mission is to create innovative UX software that allows presenters to becoming storytellers.
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