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Stop the meeting madness

What does your meeting look like in the modern world? You start a VOIP conference call session, upload documents and content via email attachments or cloud storage platforms. Then you are forced to share these download links via IM, email and other platforms. You wait while your team members open these attachments using a range of different software and you watch them present content passively; all the while struggling to figure out how to collect and collate the changes being suggested.

Why face to face meeting are so effective? Because with a paper on a table and a simple pen, you have direct access to the content, you can annotate, share directly your change and ideas. But today your content is way more than a simple piece of paper. Today you discuss a website layout, a pdf or power-point document, a video. In 2019 your team is remote. And just like that, face to face meeting became limited.

Reactiv SUITE create a

Multiple people, from across the world, can access, push content and documents onto, create layers of Ink to markup and capture decisions that arise in the flow of the meeting. The software renders these documents, as pieces of paper that can be manipulated on this digital table and seamlessly tracks the changes, manages and archives different versions of the documents. It replicates the natural way that we interact and share information.

While bringing all the benefits of digital transformation to the workflow. You are no longer forced to convert and switch between digital and paper as the meeting progresses.



Reactiv SUITE is born from the insight that If we merge the simplicity of manipulating and writing on paper to the digital ability to share and communicate effortlessly, then we disrupt the entire market.

Our solution is a unique software platform that revolutionizes the way you connect, share documents and consume content in the workplace.

The Reactiv SUITE solution defines a new workflow for any type and size of meeting.

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Our 3 seconds rule

We firmly believe that it shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to kick off your presentation, open documents, or videos. Why? Because there are so many applications and documents that you need during your meeting. Just imagine the time it takes to open one powerpoint with embedded video and a spreadsheet?

Everything you do in Reactiv SUITE, from starting your presentation, opening multiple files, documents, and sharing will take no more than 3 seconds.

Once you go Reactiv, there’s no going back!

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Enhanced workflow
to save you hours

How much time do you waste preparing for your meeting? How much time are you spending sharing your content and meeting minutes? Did you capture everyone’s feedback accurately? Most cases, you will go through a multitude of emails until its accurate.

Reactiv SUITE is a result of the same pain and frustrations we all experience. Every feature within Reativ SUITE is designed to enhance your existing workflow.

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We are all wired differently

The thirst for knowledge and understanding is at the forefront of what we do daily. Reactiv SUITE will allow you to deliver that breathtaking presentation without sacrificing quality.

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Your data, your choice

To be  or not to be in the cloud? That is not the question! Everything you present, annotate or create in Reactiv SUITE, stays exactly where you want it, in your own presentation folder, either it is hosted on a cloud, your company server, your device or even a USB stick.

Technology should adapt to your workflow, not the other way around.

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One software with infinite possibilities





Enhance your Workflow
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