Transform Your Zoom Presentation Webinar/Workshop

January 27, 2022 | 2:00pm EST

2022/01/27 14:00:00

Why Attend?

No one will argue that everything in our lives has transformed over the last few years. But has your remote presentation evolved? Do you just go into a remote meetings, make your deck full screen and just talk? Do you know that this is completely counter to the neuroscience behind learning and engagement? What if there was a way to dramatically increase audience engagement, participation and retention of information, what would that be worth to your organization?

How do you connect and engage with a hybrid audience effectively?

Join the workshop and participate in the hotseat – we will take your presentations and show you the before and after… live! No gimmicks or tricks!



  • Understand the science behind how we can help audiences focus and retain more information in a remote setting
  • Convert your existing presentations into conversations by applying the concepts of the narrative, chunking and reinforcement learning
  • Show you how easy it is to make your audiences feel like they are in the same room with you
  • Demonstrate the best practices, tips and tricks that will instantly transform your next remote presentation

Our Speakers

Av Utukuri is the founder and CEO of Vizetto, a Canadian company that develops Reactiv SUITE. His mission is to create the best possible user experience for the evolving hybrid meeting space and allow teams to engage each other as if they were meeting face to face.

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In this workshop, we will take YOUR presentations and show you how to easily elevate them to be more engaging using Reactiv SUITE. To participate, upload your presentation in the form below. If there are multiple files you’d like to share, please submit them in a zip folder.

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