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As the world starts to head back to the office it’s clear that things have changed. From the reasons we go into the office, to the ways we interact with our workstations and meeting rooms, most aspects of our day  have been impacted by the last two years. In most cases, the shift to hybrid meetings already happened, but the transition to hybrid meetings while in the office is only just beginning. Many rooms are still equipped with standard video conferencing systems, which relegates remote participants to a small row of faces or removed from the display entirely in favor of shared content.

With the majority of meetings expected to be hybrid moving forward, organizations will need to refresh meeting spaces to reflect the new expectations of remote and local participants. Presenters and participants will no longer tolerate being a ‘fly on the wall’ and expect to have an equal presence at the meeting table regardless of location. As we’ve all experienced, the standard video call can be distracting or cause fatigue during meetings. To combat the side-effects of video conferencing, hybrid infrastructure needs to include impactful meeting experiences that build trust and reinforce the culture.

Remote Design

Reactiv SUITE

That’s where Reactiv SUITE comes into focus, a downloadable software developed by Vizetto, that acts as the glue between the in-room connectivity and the meeting service of choice. Reactiv creates an impactful experience through easy meeting initiation for hosts and a differentiated experience for remote participants. Leveraging psychology, the software creates memorable meetings through facial capture, the ability to ink and highlight on content, as well as provide multiple video streams within a single shared window.

While facial capture enables eye contact or ‘gaze lock’, the inking and highlighting functionality is used as reinforcement of the content. By reinforcing presentations in unique and natural ways, participants are more likely to recall the information at a later date. Through interaction with shared content, participants are more likely to stay engaged and make eye contact with the presenter.

As a platform agnostic software, Reactiv SUITE acts an ‘equalizer’ for teams leveraging various meeting platforms and devices. Through a single, easy to use interface all meetings are elevated to professional, memorable, engagements.


Memorable Meetings

The challenge of today’s hybrid meeting experience is that it’s a holdover from pre-Covid, operating under the assumption that all video capture is equal and by having a camera you are now ‘at the table’. What this approach fails to account for is presence, the non-verbal gestures and context provided in person. Without presence, meetings and presentations all begin to feel the same – leading to fatigue. Meeting fatigue results in lower comprehension and increases the likelihood that key information doesn’t make it to the long-term memory.

The best way to combat meeting fatigue is to create immersive experiences that provide both the presence of the speaker and the content being shared. While side by side screen shares are commonplace, they still lack the impact necessary to overcome fatigue. This is due to how our brains are wired, with neuroscience studies indicating that human engagement is increased through visual stimulus and the ability to make eye contact. The same can be said for the presenter, as in-person meetings make it easier to gage the attention of the audience in comparison to hybrid meetings where it can become all but impossible to judge what is resonating.

People are wired at a core level to engage with people, not PowerPoint slides or presentation decks. Video conferencing platforms tend to miss this concept, as meeting participants are relegated to tiny postage stamps whenever content is shared. This approach breaks many of the key elements needed for engagement, which means presenters and participants must compensate to make the subject matter stick. By changing the layout of a standard video call to include a presenter, a title, and the content as equals, Reactive leverages associative memory as a powerful tool to get the audience to connect to a presenter, the brand, and message. To further ensure the meeting is memorable, Reactive leverages reinforcement learning through live inking and highlighting functions to help repeat a concept visually (i.e. underlining, highlighting, circling and writing down the key words).

By building a solution that leverages the psychology of humans, as well as the habits and tendencies we emit regularly, Reactiv SUITE has created a way to stand out in the minutia of video meetings.


Vizetto takes a different approach to the meeting by building an experience that incorporates presenters and the associated content without restricting hybrid attendees to a single content or video stream. To accomplish this Reactiv SUITE 2.0 introduces a new module called PITCH, a 3 click interaction for meeting initiation that allows an in-room or remote presenter to select a layout, the necessary content (on device or cloud) and camera through a single window. Once complete, PITCH provides an immersive meeting stream that can accommodate multiple presenters with multiple pieces of content concurrently. This approach is perfect for presentations and webinars in addition to regular meetings, as it differentiates presenters from traditional video conferencing and webinar platforms.

Resulting meetings are more engaging and memorable than current video conferences or webinars as they focus less on who is in control, or who is sharing, and more on the subject at hand. By easily enabling more content, cameras, devices, and users within a single stream, the meeting becomes more natural and fluid. To ensure a presenter is recognized, both Pitch and Stage provide a name tag for the presenters across multiple cameras and video streams. This means the presenter(s) can switch layouts at any time during the meeting, adapting to the workflow at hand.


Be the Standout

In a world where video calls are the common practice when meeting and presenting, standing out is often the key to success. Leveraging new ways for content sharing and meeting presence will only become more important as most meetings are expected to include video moving forward. Whether in the office or working from the road/home, having a tool to optimize meeting presence and improve content sharing is crucial to keeping others engaged.

Next time there’s a big meeting or webinar, try Reactiv SUITE and see the power of ‘different’ in action.


About Vizetto

Vizetto Inc. is a Canadian company that develops Reactiv SUITE; software that enables remote and hybrid teams to communicate with impact and create memorable meeting experiences. Our mission is to help teachers, presenters, coaches and professionals transform their remote meetings to engage their audiences, capture their attention and facilitate long term retention of information.

Experience Reactiv SUITE today and get your free copy https://vizetto.com/download/About Wainhouse Research

Wainhouse Research (http://www.wainhouse.com) provides strategic guidance and insight on products and services for collaboration and conferencing applications within Unified Communications. Our global client base includes established and new technology suppliers and service providers, and enterprise users of voice, video, streaming, and web collaboration solutions. The company provides market research and consulting, produces conferences on technology trends and customer experiences, publishes a free weekly newsletter, and speaks at client and industry events.


About the Researchers

Daniel C. Root, Senior Analyst. Located in the Boston, MA area, Dan focuses on workplace communications & collaboration technologies, with an emphasis on the intersection of cloud-based collaboration software and hardware deployments (e.g., whiteboard-style co-authoring) necessary for adoption. He has close to a decade’s worth of experience in enterprise hardware and software with roles in business development, partnerships, product growth, strategic planning, and product development.

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