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  5. Check the Windows Connect App

Check the Windows Connect App

Refer to the IT Manual to ensure that the network configuration, ports and settings are properly configured.

  • On the Reactiv SUITE PC, configure ports:
    • “Windows Defender Firewall” > “Advanced settings” > “Inbound Rules” > “New Rules”. Select “Port”,
    • Click Next
    • Now select “TCP” and “Specific Port numbers” set it to 7236
    • Click Next and select “Allow the Connection”
    • Click Next and select all 3 boxes “Domain”, Public” and “Private”. Click Next, give a name to the new rule

If Miracast still doesn’t work, try the Windows native Miracast app provided by Microsoft. Type ‘Connect’ in the search box.

Confirm if this app is able to connect to your mobile device. If this app also does not work, then the PC does not support Miracast.