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Exit Settings (IWB Version)

Reactiv SUITE allows Administrators to restrict access to the desktop and underlying Windows operating system power options.

  • Enable Kiosk Mode to lock down the system such that users are prevented from interacting with the operating system outside of the Reactiv SUITE’s UI. In public environments, it is ideal to lock down the PC such that users don’t have access to Windows.
    • “Exit Application” button will be deactivated.
    • “Fullscreen Mode” toggle will be deactivated.
    • “Auto Boot” – whenever the device enters Sleep Mode through Motion Sensor or is rebooted due to power cut, it will automatically restart and run Reactiv SUITE on Kiosk Mode.
  • PC restart allows users the ability to reboot the PC, and if Kiosk mode is enabled, will also lauch Reactiv SUITE automatically.
  • Windows signout allows users to logout of Windows and change the user.